Ghosts of Girlfriend's past

Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past is an odd addition to my summer movie picks. Much like yourself I figured this was a sappy chick flick, I was never more wrong.
My first taste of Ghosts of girlfriend's past came upon my fourth viewing of Star Trek. I was chatting with some of the movie theatre staff talking movies as i usually do. He mentioned in passing he got to see Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past while cleaning and that it was very unexpectedly funny. I replied "NO WAY".

He said "for real, it's actually not that much of a chick flick. it's kind of about a guy who is a real player and it has actually has good advice about relationships, Check it out."

I took his recommendation to heart and being the open minded cine-phile that I am. Checked it out a couple of days later after my fifth viewing of Star Trek and was pleasantly surprised. First off the script is very smart and witty. It successfully plays with all sorts of relationship, and christmas carol tropes.

McConnaughey gives a stellar performance his best since Tropic Thunder and Dazed and Confused.

Michael Douglas is also phenomenal as Uncle Wayne like he hasn't been in a long while. He has a real fun character to play that makes Gordon Gekko and "D-Fens" look tame.

The women in the film are also superb Garner is lovely as always along with Chalbert and the rest of the beautiful honeys.
The effects are good and the film is very enlightening for a single man and alot of the relationship advice is spot on and honest.
I highly recommend this film, gereat date film, and good to enjoy with the wife on a late night. There is plenty of eye candy for both sexes, plenty of honest humor for both sexes, and a lot to learn for both sexes. Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past is a chick flick with alot of heart and smart. It delivers a chick flick any dude can enjoy and not feel ashamed. Check it out.

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