The Read Pile - 3/26/08

Ooh yeah, this read pile I found the opportunity to put up two pictures of Ravager...I know your jealous.

#1 BLUE BEETLE #25 - This is the best comic ever and the JLI is going to be here. Nerdgasms are sure to fill the blogosphere.

#2 TEEN TITANS #57 - Since my stack sucked last week I start rereading Teen Titans since one year later. It is better than I remember it. Especially the bits with Ravager who I have developed a nerd crush on. So I am very hyped about this Ravager focused issue. This is the cover on DC, which is actually from a page in Teen Titans #39.

This is the cover on McKeever's blog, probably the official one.

#3 NEW AVENGERS #39 - Echo, I still have no idea who the fuck she is. Can someone tell me. Does she have a power? I'm to lazy to wiki her.

#4 MIGHTY AVENGERS #11 - Not sure what to expect from this issue, but it has steadily improved.

#5 GREEN LANTERN #29 - If Geoff Johns says it's time to hear about Hal's origin, I believe him.

#6 X-MEN LEGACY #209 - I liked the first issue. This cover is cool simply because of the old school sentinel in the top right corner.

I hope the stack misunderstood the new direction in their preview.

#7 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 5 - Last issue was horrible. Please let this issue be decent.

#8 STAR TREK NEW FRONTIER #1 - I miss Star Trek, this is all I have left.

#9 COUNTDOWN TO ADVENTURE #8 (OF 8) - This story is finally wrapping up, which I'm very happy for. I want to see Buddy, Kory, and Adam Strange interact with the DCU again.

#10 JSA CLASSIFIED #36 - More Wildcat Goodness.

#11 SECRET HISTORY AUTHORITY JACH HAWKSMOOR #1(OF 6) - About a year ago my cousin gave me the Absolute Authority hardcover, which someone had left in a house he was selling as I am the only person he knows who reads comics. I enjoyed it although I was shocked by it. So I'll give Jack a chance.

#12 WOLVERINE FIRST CLASS #1 - I haven't read any of the x-men first class comics, but this cover is just to cool to pass up. I'm interested to see if i develop the fanboy crush every nerd seems to have with Kitty Pryde. As I haven't had that much exposure to her.

#13 COUNTDOWN SPECIAL ECLIPSO 80 PAGE GIANT - I really love the these special dc has been putting out. It gives me the chance to read old comics for cheap and really gives me a sense of a characters history. I hope they continue this trend for a long time.

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