thE rEAd PILE - 4/2/08

What a week.

#1 KICK ASS #2- I handed issue 1 to my brothers, and my cousin. Their question every time they see me is "when do you get Kick Ass 2?". I have to read this one first because they're going to want to borrow it ASAP.

#2 ACTION COMICS #863- This is probably going to go down as my favorite Legion of Superheroes story ever.

#3 TWELVE #4- The last issue slowed down the pace a little. This issue has the Laughing Mask on the cover. Is it just me or does Laughing Mask thus far, feel like The Comedian in Watchmen?

#4 YOUNG X-MEN #1- Like I've said before, this comic has been eagerly awaited as it will determine what's going on with my favorite New X-men. Expect a review and a New X-men history lesson in the coming week.

#5 TRIALS OF SHAZAM #12(OF 12)- This series has had its up and downs, on the whole I'd say it's pretty average. Although it plays with some interesting ideas. This last issue looks pretty good, and hopefully we will now understand Shazam and Captain Marvel's new place in the DC universe and tenth age of majic.

#6 SECRET INVASION #1(OF 8)- The spoilers from last week, have kind of deflated my anticipation of this book. Along with the not so good Secret Invasion crossover in New Avengers #39.

#7 LOGAN #2(OF 3)- Brian K. Vaughn is now tied with Geoff Johns as my favorite writer. For those interested, I've completed Volumes 4-7 of the Y-the last man TPB. I was going to wait for 10 to be released so I could order, 8-10 in one shipment. However, Volume 10 isn't released till June and I can't wait that long. So I'm going to order Volumes 8 and 9. I'll buy 10 when it comes out so my collection will be complete. If anyone would like to lend me issue #55-60(so I don't have to look around for the single issues as I'm not going to wait for June to have closure), it would be greatly appreciated and I would return them in the same condition as received. If interested in helping a brother out email EDIT:(I misspelled it the first time around)

#8 ALL NEW ATOM #22- Last issue overall wasn't right, but there were moments of goodness. I am still optimistic about this run.

#9 MARVEL SPOTLIGHT IRON MAN MOVIE - I'm hyped for the Iron Man Movie, so I wonder what this book will offer.

#10 JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #44- Mirror Master vs. Justice League...I wonder who is going to win.

#11 JONAH HEX #30 - I can't believe I've been reading this for thirty issues, but I think i might have to re-evaluate how I purchase this book.

#12 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 4- Last issue brought Kamandi to the multiverse. I am bored.

#13 PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #2(OF6)- This series thus far is nowhere near as good as the Twelve. The writing thus far just feels wooden and doesn't flow well with the pictures.

#14 NEW DYNAMIX #2(OF 5)- First issue was a pretty good introduction to the characters, I'm going to stay on this on an issue by issue basis. The first sign of crappiness and I'm dropping it.

#15 NIGHT WING #143- Everyone has been praising Tomasi's run. I tried looking for the first couple of issues but couldn't get'em. I'm picking this issue up to determine if I'm going to grab the TPB when it comes out. I hope this is a good jumping on point.

#16 FRANK FRAZETTAS DARK KINGDOM ONE SHOT- Never been a big Frazetta Fan. I'm picking this up, simply because it's there and hopefully will be pleasantly surprised by the quality.

#17 ZORRO 2 - Didn't like the first issue as I've stated before. If this issue doesn't click I'm dropping it.

#18 COUNTDOWN SPECIAL KAMANDI 80 PAGE GIANT- I dig these countdown specials, but I doubt this can redeem the waste of time that was countdown #5 and 6.

Everyone check out Secret Wars on Infinite Earths. It's starting a the First Annual Infinite Wars Fantasy League. Should be a lot of fun. I'll let you guys know my squad once I recieve confirmation on it's roster.

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