the read pile - 3/12/08

#1 GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #6 - Connor's been abducted! My money is that the League of Assasins and Ra's al Ghul is behind it.

#2 BOOSTER GOLD #7 - Why can't they change the title of this book to "Blue and Gold" or "Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Team Up". I just want to sleep easy, that Ted Kord will never die again.

#3 MIGHTY AVENGERS #10 - I love time travel.  

#4 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 7 - I hope something happens this issue.

#5 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #22 - Second part of the Boodika story. I'm into it...mildly.

#6 LONE RANGER AND TONTO #1 - This issue is new reader friendly, so if you're not reading Lone Ranger give this a try.

#7 COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY #6 (OF 8) - Wonder how this book is gonna play out since Steve Gerber has passed away, hope it goes well. 

#8 TINY TITANS #2 - I've moved this one up in the pile in case CONTDOWN TO MYSTERY is depressing and I need a laugh.

#9 LAST DEFENDERS #1(OF 6) - I've never actually read any issues of Defenders but I have been enjoying this and this. So I'll give the Last Defenders a shot.

#10 AVENGERS FAIRY TALES #1 (OF4) - I enjoyed the post siskoid did talking about Kitty Pryde's Fairy Tale, so maybe it'll be similar. This looks like it might suck but I'll give it a shot and hope I'm wrong.

#11 SALVATION RUN #5 (OF 7) - I didn't like last issue. It felt like pointless and stupid violence. It left me confused, I think it was the art's fault but I'm not sure. So this has gone from a 3 spot to basically last place.

#12 JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #43 - I started with Blue Beetle and Boster Gold. So I'll end with them. This oughta be my number 1.

I ordered Y- THE LAST MAN VOLUMES 1-3 from Amazon. I haven't followed the series at all. However this link over at Comic Overload will take you to the first issue online. Which I read and greatly enjoyed. So I'm getting on board this series a little late to say the least. 

Pulp Secret is doing three shows this week and wants people to know about it. So this is me letting you know. Pulp Secret is a funny weekly show that reviews comics. Take a look for yourself. 


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