Best of the B-list

Marvel's creators and editors are weighing in on there favorite b-listers. So I thought I'd weigh in since I once proclaimed my love for the b-list.

  • Luke Cage - My love for Luke comes from Bendis's treatment of him. He has a unique origin, wrongfully imprisoned than experimented on granting him unbreakable skin. His power makes him formidable against any one. He strikes me as the everyman of the Marvel Universe.
  • Cyclops - Okay, Cyclops is the leader of the X-men and really isn't a b-lister. However he is treated like one outside of comics. He is always playing second fiddle to Wolverine currently. The new Wolverine and the X-men cartoon is the perfect example. Wolverine isn't a leader he's the wild card but because of his popularity the character that was created to lead the x-men gets relegated to the b-list. His treatment in the x-men movies is less than b-list, especially considering how pivotal he is to Jean Grey. Why is Cyclops's cool he is the big blue boy scout to Wolverine's dark knight. For a cool Wolverine Cyclops moment fast forward to 9:00.

Who are your favorite marvel B-listers?

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