Chorus of Comics part 2. I hear voices

For those of you that missed part 1. When I read comics, I like to distinguish characters voices. Some character's voices, are played by actors whose voices I've simply heard to much of.
For example, although it's not a terribly inspired choice Ian Mckellen is the voice of Magneto in my comics. Hundreds of hours of watching the Lord of the Rings have given me a pretty good Ian Mckellen impresion. So I'm proud to say he not only plays Magneto but
Sir Reginald Hargreeves AKA: The Monocle(from the Umbrella Academy),
The Wizard Mordru,
and The Wizard Shazam(Sorry but he is always going to sound like a wizard to me).

Similarly, thousands of hours of watching Star Trek have given me a superb Patrick Stewart impression. Which I use often for Captain Picard and Professor X, of course.
Along with Doctor Gotham(foe of the Shadowpact),
and The Phantom Stranger. Also both Mr. Stewart and McKellen make terrific
Guardians of the Universe.

Here are the pair chatting it up in X-men the movie.

Along with Stewart fellow Star Trek alums Avery Brooks, and Michael Dorn's voices are similarly blazed into my mind. Brooks voices
Black Lightning,
Black Panther,
The Falcon,
Dorn plays Kalibak(like he did in Superman the animated series),
Michael Holt AKA Mr. Terrific,
Black Manta,
Black Mass,
and Brick,

Here's Dorn and Brooks in a great scene from DS9.

Do you have any actors voices programmed into you?

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