Crazy Idea

I've been thinking about Shelly's post about females in the DCU. It got me thinking about females in comics in general. Then I thought about Kick Ass and the way heroes are handled in the first issue of that book. All of a sudden a chauvinistic thought popped into my head.

Would women even really be super heroes?

The way the Kick Ass comic portrays people becoming super heroes it seems on par with serial killers. So let us for the sake of conversation assume that we can do hero profiling. To become a hero you would need a tragedy early in life, perhaps crime related. You would need a certain amount of psychosis and the need for adoration. If we go by the numbers on heroes in comics you would most likely be a white male between the ages of 16-40.

If we take this as fact than the female super heroes like female serial killers would obviously not be as prominent or as widespread.

I can't think of anything else. If anyone would like to elaborate on this feel free. Also this doesn't take into account the Super Villain or Sidekick mentality or the possibility of superpowers.

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