the read PILE - 3/19/08

I'm on spring break with plenty of time to read comics and this abysmal week should happen.

#1 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #11 - Ultraman and Superman teaming up!! Am I living in the second silver age?

#2 IMMORTAL IRON FIST #13 - A battle royale is promised in this issue. I am pretty hyped.

#3 COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS 6 - Karate Kid is dead. Damn those Cobra Kai.

#4 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #19 - I'm not all that excited for the actual content, but this is a bad ass cover.

#5 SHADOWPACT #23 - I'm pissed that Nightmaster isn't on the squad anymore. This issue sounds cool. The team is supposed to meet the future shadowpact. All I want from this book is a Bluedevil and Ragman spotlight. Is it just me?

#6 DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #7 (OF 8) - So the reveal of the badguy was pretty cool. Orion's death was also cool. Why does this book stink?

#7 TANGENT SUPERMAN'S REIGN #1 (OF 12) - I never read the original tangent books. I'm giving this a shot despite the fact that the JLA tie-in was weak. I might drop it if the first couple of issues blow.

#8 SUPER FRIENDS #1 -I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate this book. The art looks really shitty, the preview in Tiny Titans looked really dumb. Let me see howthese superfreinds fare against a villain.

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