Booster Gold is New Reader Friendly

Rich said this in his last blog post. 

"Booster Gold #7 - No real surprises this time round but nicely crafted stuff with lots of nods to continuity - although I do wonder if that very thing doesn't make it a bit of a niche book that basically appeals only to fanboys (and girls)."

Rokk also felt that Booster Gold #5 wasn't accessible to new readers. 

Which makes me wonder do you think Booster Gold is a niche book that only appeals to fanboys

I would argue, no. I feel quite the opposite. I think Booster Gold, has been a book that can introduce new readers to DC history. Johns and Katz are skilled in giving exposition and have all the tools necessary to explain it to the readers with out it feeling forced. They have often teamed up Booster with people not in the know of that is going on Jaime Reyes, Jonah Hex, and Dan Garrett to cite a few. They also have Skeets who usually explains everything to Booster anyway. 

 The following pages are key examples. 


Here we have Blue Beetle's condensed history. Written accurately and effectively setting up Booster's love and admiration for his best friend. Although the comic is enhanced by actually reading their history, it is not diminished or confusing if you haven't read any thing else with out them. 

I never knew that Guy Gardner wasn't picked as Green Lantern because he was farther away from the ring, Booster Gold #2 taught me that. I've never read Batman the Killing Joke (although I have some knowledge on the outcome of the story), Booster Gold #5 gave me a good feeling of the style and tone of the story, and perhaps explained for some readers how Batgirl lost her legs. I have never read Zero Hour and yet it did not diminish my enjoyment of the issue. Henchman 21 and Shelly also claim to have never read Zero Hour, and yet were not completely bewildered by the story line. Perhaps readers who haven't read Zero Hour will pick it up having been introduced to it by Booster Gold #0. Whether that is a good or bad thing is for you bloggers who have read Zero Hour to decide. 

What do you think? Does Booster gold only appeal to dedicated DC fanboys?

Would you recommend it to someone who has never read comics?

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