Top 11 of 2011 or 'How-I-stopped-worrying-and-learned-to-make-more-lists' part 1 of 3

This is my first blog post for The Vundablog, and I could introduce myself...but I'd rather just write about stuff I like.
Both of my blog partners love lists, I think one is obsessed with them. It might seem a little Rain Man, but I see the appeal. Lists give a semblance of order in an otherwise chaotic existence, they give us hope for a new day, an opportunity to reach our goals, collect our thoughts, and help us find what is truly important. 

And what could be more important than what kind of movie and music taste you have?

(She said in a facetious tone.)As a professional nerd, I cannot lie that the movies, books, music, and TV are a way I relate to people. I speak in quotes, I live pop culture, and I enjoy picking it apart. If I can't talk to someone about say, the fundamental constructs in the political spectrum of Star Trek, I can still talk to them of course, but I won't lie that my opinion of them diminishes slightly. I can be a snob, self admitted, but I prefer to think of myself as a prolific consumer. If it is text or ink or idea then I want, no need to learn about it. I prescribe to the art of conversation, I believe in its flow, and I believe the more you take in, the more you can contribute to sustain it.

So with my posturing out of the way and now that you all think I'm a big pretentious ninny head I give you my lists of top movies and music in 2011. 

I'm going to do top albums and top singles because I don't listen to whole albums as much as I listen to one specific song. 

Top 11 Albums
(in no particular order, I hate ranking such a subjective topic, in fact THAT'S how I define snobby and pretentious my friends. I'm looking at you every music magazine ever.): 

Watch the Throne-Kanye West and Jay-Z: Because I love Kanye, no matter how much of an asshat he is. This album was different and unexpected. Good damn times.

The Muppets Movie Soundtrack- Various Artists, The Damn Muppets: Listen to this album and try not to feel joy. If you don't, you probably also hate puppies and Christmas and children.

Take Care - Drake: His rap is smooth and melancholy and he still manages to be a BAMF.

Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay: I won't lie, I liked Viva la Vida better, but listening to 'Paradise' on shrooms provided me a profound experience of which I couldn't duplicate with any other music. Coldplay's music just gets in my soul.

' 4 - Beyonce'- This is the definition of the kind of album that grows on you. When I first heard 'Countdown' I thought to myself 'There's no way I can ever get used to this song', but now it's my favorite off the album, along with 'I Care'.

 Fire & Ice - Kaskade - This year I discovered(was brainwashed) in to enjoying more electronic music. This was good times and it had Mindy Gledhill in it so...yay.

Music is Better Than Words- Seth MacFarlane - Seth MacFarlane's voice makes me orgasm. His album was surprisingly good, funny, charming, and vintage in my favorite way. My favorite song is 'The Sadder but Wiser Girl' for some reason, I guess I just love his tone through out the song.

Betty Wright: The Movie, Betty Wright, The Roots - This woman has got soul, it makes me happy and it's the FUCKING ROOTS. That is all.

Born this Way- Lady Gaga- In truth, this album was not what I was expecting, it grew on me, and of course I love Lady Gaga because I have a vagina and I was in theater but, I can't say I preferred this album over 'The Fame Monster'. But even with that in mind it's on my list because Lady Gaga started a MOVEMENT with her album, her own personal following complete with disco sticks and really sharp shoulder pads. They are coming for you people. They want to take rides on your disco sticks, also they were born that way. My fave song just for good measure is 'Government Hooker', so bad ass. 

Lasers - Lupe Fiasco - I liked this damn album. Nuff' said. Skylar Grey was on NPR, she's movin' on up.

Lioness: Hidden Treasures - Amy Winehouse - She deserves to be on a top list one more time. Ugh it makes me so angry she died. If you ever try to tell me Back to Black isn't one of the greatest R & B/Jazz albums of all time you will LOSE sir.

Ok enough of that, that was actually hard.

Stay tuned, top 11 singles of 2011 coming next. 


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