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Big news Craigslist needs your help. The site that helped build the internet and has helped countless people connect and trade pictures of their genitalia back and forth for years. As well as offering invaluable community service that allows people to organize, vent their opinion, buy, sell, trade, find even the rarest items, find homes and apartments, soulmates and one night stands,  and an infinite supply of pictures of penises.Now needs your help to oppose unfair bills that will pass in congress and negatively harm everyones internet freedoms.

" Congress needs to hear from you, or these dangerous bills will pass - they have tremendous lobbying dollars behind them, from large corporations reportedly hoping to prop up outdated, anti-consumer business models at the expense of the very fabric of the Internet -- recklessly unleashing a tsunami of take-down notices and litigation, and a Pandora's jar of "chilling effects" and other unintended (or perhaps intended?) consequences." - craigslist

As long as were talking about staples of the internet, now is as good a time any to show your support to probably one of the most important sites for education on the internet. You can either click the link or its probably all ready on your toolbar People forget how important and amazing it is that wikipedia is a dot org it doesn't feel advertising would be appropriate on their site and yet they are the number 5 site on the web that is an amazing feat and it should be respected, commended, and supported. Everyone now a days, and especially on the internet is so eager to sell out and make a buck at any cost, part of it is cause we need the money recession and all the other part is just plain old greed. Wikipedia seeks not fame nor fortune, they just want to be available to remind everyone, what that episode of star trek was or why Stone Cold Steve Austin need bionic knees to wrestle it seems. Donate

In Local Miami news. This week Books and Books will have an exiting event which in the light of recent occurences could prove useful.

Location:  265 Aragon Ave Coral Gables, Florida 33134-5008 United States
ACLU Greater Miami Chapter Forum: How to Survive an Encounter with the Police --
The police stop your car, knock on your door, or stop you on the street. Do you know your constitutional rights and how to assert them in a non-threatening, effective way to protect your safety and minimize unnecessary arrests? This program includes the 40-minute film Busted: The Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Police Encounters. Public safety is not the sole responsibility of law enforcement. Locally, the ACLU has played an ongoing role in monitoring police practices. Community input and oversight of the police are necessary for public trust in government and the police. Learn what you can do to help ensure that citizens have a say in how the police do their job. Panel Members: Matthew Boyd, Chief of Police, Miami Gardens; Ray Taseff, PA, Criminal Defense Attorney; Attorneys from the Law Offices of Public Defender Carlos J. MartinezMichelle Rosengarten, Assistant Public Defender and Antonio Valiente, Assistant Public Defender.

Call fax and email FIU President Mark Rosenberg and demand that the charges against the FIU7 be dropped immediately and that free speech rights be respected on campus. Also, call Chief of Police Alexander D. Casas and Lieutenant Ricardo Torres (who made the first arrest). 
Mark Rosenberg: Phone: 305.348.2111 
Fax: 305.348.3660 
Alexander D. Casas: Phone: 305.348.2623 
Lieutenant Ricardo Torres: Phone: 305.348.4098


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