Top 11 of 2011 or 'How-I-stopped-worrying-and-learned-to-make-more-lists' Part 2

Second part, top 11 singles of 2011. This is going to be simultaneously easier and yet more difficult for me because there is way more choice, but you are also going to despise my mainstream poppy choices. Don't worry, Derrick likes bands that only play in dark rooms for a crowd of seven. Besides, I think the main point of a single is to be something fun and addictive, something you can dance to, sing to, and then in a month when you are sick of it, you discover the rest of the album.

1. Party Rock Anthem- LMFAO - The song you now love to hate, is the song that makes me happy. I will dance to this until I pass out on the floor because 1.I love this song 2.I am out of shape. 

2. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People- Did you know? ALL THE OTHER KIDS WITH THE PUMPED UP KICKS BETTER RUN, BETTER RUN, OUTRUN MY GUN! *twitch* Too catchy, toooooo catchy. It's evil. But I loved it. This song was for people in 2011 what 'Bird is the Word' was to Peter in 'Family Guy' when he discovered it  in a dusty record shop. My ears are bleeding.

3. Ni**as in Paris - Kanye and Jay- Z - Does putting the asterisks there really make a difference? I guess it stops white people from saying it, frankly I think it's a trick Jay-Z and Kanye played on white people. You know they listen to your music, don't make them say "N-word" in Paris, I think it's even worse then. This song is awesome, the beat is fierce, and nothing makes you cooler than listening to this song with your windows down in your 2009 Prius. Aw, yeah. "We're gonna skate to one song and one song only." 

4.  We Found Love - Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris - I LOVE this song. I dance to this song all day, in my underwear. The video was great and stylistic, perfect for the tone of the song. Rihanna never looked so good overdosing on drugs. 

5. I Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez & The Scene- That's right, I like this song. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? I also very much enjoyed all the pretty colors in the video and Selena's gravity- defying hairstyle.

6. Without You - David Guetta feat Usher - You are going to fist pump and jump to this song. Don't deny it, denying it causes it to come back to you three fold so Usher will come to your house at night and David Guetta will host a whole continent party in your parent's back yard. This song is the shit. 

7. Dance (A$$) - Big Sean feat Nicki Minaj - Because I had to find a way to put Nicki Minaj on one of my lists, and because this song makes me do very dirty crazy things. In another life I was a stripper. Wobbly wobbly bitches.

8. Rolling in the Deep- Adele- While her album was lackluster for me, this song is undeniably impressive. 

9. Headlines - Drake- I learned all the words to this song within a week it was released as a single. 

10. We Are Young - Fun. - Yes I like the Glee version, but the original is way better, also it has Janelle Monae in it. The video is creepy, but compelling. Apparently it is about loss of virginity, I definitely see the symbolism with the apple and the blood and the hot Asian girl.

11. Party - Beyonce feat Andre 3000 - Because we DO like to party. I listened to this song 15 times in a row one day, no lie. 

That's it for Part 2, yes there are many good singles, these are the ones I liked the most. You can watch and hear all the videos on our youtube playlist here. 

Stay tuned for Part 3, top 11 movies of 2011. 


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