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Fellow blog contributor Derrick Mustelier was just arrested for organizing a musical festival protest on FIU campus, the protest took place in a public forum for free speech yet FIU police said that they did not have a music permit and must disperse, before they were given the opportunity to get the message to leave out, people were carted away at random. Video of Derrick being arrested here(he is the one in the yellow shirt being led away)

 Derrick's arrest and confrontation with the FIU police.

Another passerby was wrong fully arrested when he expressed that the arrests were "bullshit" he was immediately handcuffed(as witnessed by my friend at the scene) and carted away with out being told what he was being arrested for.

Man being arrest for expression himself.

According to Occupy Miami, they had made attempts to obtain a permit and were told that one was not needed because the area where they were staging the demonstration because it was a "free speech zone".

Please visit: http://www.facebook.com/OccupyMiami for more details. Please keep updated and send your support!!


It's been eight hours, and Derrick has been held by the police with no word on whether he, or the other seven arrested are being charged with anything. They have not been process, Derrick has called his lawyer and his family and is currently doing ok. It is possible they may hold him and the others for 24 hours without charges to prove a "point". What kind of point that is I don't really know, but all I know is, this is injustice, no it is not brutality, it is not excessive force, but it is injustice, none of these people deserved this, and they do not deserve to be sitting in Miami Dade Corrections right now, waiting for the hammer to either fall or lift from above their heads.

 Miami Herald Article.


Derrick is being booked with unlawful assembly, a misdemeanor, his bail is set at $500 dollars, with luck he should be home by late tonight.


Derrick was not charged with unlawful assembly, he was charged with "interfering with education" a misdemeanor. Frankly that sounds like something made up on Law & Order, but apparently it's a thing. Hopefully he will be back home soon.
Derrick is home safe and awaiting his day in court.


Prem said…
in response to the notion that this demonstration was disrupting education, i offer you this video i took last semester very close to the Duxieme Maison pit.
At this event there was a marching band going through the entire university. How can such an event can possibly be permitted with a law like interfering education!

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