Fight for your right!

by Stephen Escudero

My aim with the Fight for your Right! segment is to shine a spotlight on petitions or protests that I feel are of merit and important to get behind. People spend alot of time on the interent being totally unproductive. In less than  twenty minutes(giving that you watch the entire video and type in your information slower than my grandma on a pharmacy blood pressure machine) you can learn and choose to sign or not sign a petition on an important issue. We elect these people and pay their salaries the least we can do is boss them around a little. It's our government to run.

This Petition is called the Saving American Democracy Amendment. Sorry it has such a pompousy sounding name but that is in fact what it is aiming to do. Watch the video at least for a two to three minutes to get a gist for the amendments aims and decide whether it is worthy or not. People's biggest fear in signing online petitions is usually safety, this website is the dot-gov so it is safe...if it isn't write your congressman.

These are the main points

  • Corporations are not persons with constitutional rights equal to real people.

  • Corporations are subject to regulation by the people.

  • Corporations may not make campaign contributions or any election expenditures.

  • Congress and states have the power to regulate campaign finances

  • Feel free to make any arguments for or against in the comments. All comments are welcome as long as their in good taste and relevant to the topic.

    Perhaps if we are lucky Derrick and Danielle will grace us with their well informed impassioned opinions.


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