Monday, June 2, 2008

the read pile - 6/04/08

Okay so I'm pissed some how there were problems with Young X-men #2. I gotta think this over.

#1 KICK ASS #3 - It's felt like an eternity since I read issue 2 I wish they'd stop turning this into a movie and start turning it into a comic.

#2 TRINITY #1 - Terrible cover, it looks like fan art. 

#3 SECRET INVASION #3(OF 8) - Please let something cool happen, that will advance the plot in a relevant way. 

#4 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #16 - The twist in the last issue really reinvigorated this book for me. I have faith in Gog, I mean Geoff.

#5 ALL NEW ATOM #24 - Remender's got nards...nuff' said.

#6 AVENGERS INVADERS #2(OF 12) - Love the cover. Last issue was just okay though, let's see if we can get some plot this issue.

#7 WAR THAT TIME FORGOT #2 - I liked the first issue although it left me a little confused.

#8 BATMAN DEATH MASK #3(OF 4) - I am loving this. I hope some other characters get the same sort of manga treatment. I could see the Blue Beetle working well in this format.

#9 JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #46 - Green Lanterns all up in the cover. I'm hyped.

#10 HOUSE OF MYSTERY #2 - The first issue was crazy and disgusting. If I understand this issue I might be in it for the long haul but I suspect this book is to smart for me.

#11 JONAH HEX #32 - Meh.

#12 ULTIMATE ORIGINS #1(OF 5) - The ads totally sold me on this. I've never read an Ultimate book and am not a big fan of the universe as an outsider, but I'll give this the old college try.

#13 TOR #2(OF 6) - I liked the first issue it was wierd but this book maybe to dark and contemplative for me.

#14 YOUNG X-MEN #2-3 - I don't know what's going on. I'll give you more info when I have the situation under control.

#15 MARVEL SPOTLIGHT SECRET INVASION - These spotlights are a nice waste of money.

moment OF weakness

So everyone has been talking about Final Crisis and I've been reading them.

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