the read pile - 6/04/08

Okay so I'm pissed some how there were problems with Young X-men #2. I gotta think this over.

#1 KICK ASS #3 - It's felt like an eternity since I read issue 2 I wish they'd stop turning this into a movie and start turning it into a comic.

#2 TRINITY #1 - Terrible cover, it looks like fan art. 

#3 SECRET INVASION #3(OF 8) - Please let something cool happen, that will advance the plot in a relevant way. 

#4 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #16 - The twist in the last issue really reinvigorated this book for me. I have faith in Gog, I mean Geoff.

#5 ALL NEW ATOM #24 - Remender's got nards...nuff' said.

#6 AVENGERS INVADERS #2(OF 12) - Love the cover. Last issue was just okay though, let's see if we can get some plot this issue.

#7 WAR THAT TIME FORGOT #2 - I liked the first issue although it left me a little confused.

#8 BATMAN DEATH MASK #3(OF 4) - I am loving this. I hope some other characters get the same sort of manga treatment. I could see the Blue Beetle working well in this format.

#9 JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED #46 - Green Lanterns all up in the cover. I'm hyped.

#10 HOUSE OF MYSTERY #2 - The first issue was crazy and disgusting. If I understand this issue I might be in it for the long haul but I suspect this book is to smart for me.

#11 JONAH HEX #32 - Meh.

#12 ULTIMATE ORIGINS #1(OF 5) - The ads totally sold me on this. I've never read an Ultimate book and am not a big fan of the universe as an outsider, but I'll give this the old college try.

#13 TOR #2(OF 6) - I liked the first issue it was wierd but this book maybe to dark and contemplative for me.

#14 YOUNG X-MEN #2-3 - I don't know what's going on. I'll give you more info when I have the situation under control.

#15 MARVEL SPOTLIGHT SECRET INVASION - These spotlights are a nice waste of money.

moment OF weakness

So everyone has been talking about Final Crisis and I've been reading them.


Alex said…
Thanks for the shout. We gonna do our reviews together or what?

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