THE READ PILE - 6/18/08

#1 GEMINI #2 (OF 5) - I love Faerber and the design work on this book is impressive. I recommend looking for the first issue and jumping aboard this mini.

#2 JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #22 - I want to give Red Tornado a shot, he gets called a second rate Vision alot. 

#3 TRINITY # 3 - The guys at Pulp Secret summed it up the best. This is the first of DC's weekly series that actually feels like a comic and not a slapped together stunt. 

#4 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #14 - Green Arrow and Deadman! I am happy.


#6 DC SPECIAL CYBORG #2(OF 5) - I like this book thus far it is nothing spectacular but it's decent and has potential. It's also a good book for people unfamiliar with the character track down issue one and jump on it.

#7 TANGENT SUPERMAN'S REIGN #4(OF 12) - This book feels like it meandering, I might drop it.

#8 DC WILDSTORM DREAM WAR #3(OF 6) - More meandering and I still don't know what a Dream War is.


Since I was awol you guys get a multiple moments of weakness.

1. Slashfilm reports that the new harry potter island in islands of adventure orlando will have an original mini movie filmed with the cast of the films. That is freaking sweet I cant wait till this park opens.

2. Scipio wrote a lovely post celebrating Trinity and breaking down the big three very thought fully.

3.  Ragtime has a post in response where he votes the Trinity should be four and it should include of all people Guy Gardner. I'm with him and I'm sure SallyP is too. 


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