I got tagged by NICK. So let's talk Zombies. 

You are in a mall when zombies attack. You have

1.) One weapon
2.) One song blasting on the speakers
3.) One famous person to fight along side you (Historical or Fictional)

What are you choices?

1.) Crowbar It's not cool or slick, but I've read the Zombie Survival Guide and this is the weapon you want. It's got good reach, it's silent, never runs out of ammo, and is a good all purpose tool. 

2.)  Nick has the right idea suggesting AC/DC my first impulse is to pick TNT by AC/DC.However, I'll kick it ironic and pick Simon and Garfunkel The Sound of Silence.

3.) My dad.… People seem to like to pick people with experience. I will go against the grain and not pick, ash, or Shaun or another zombie killer. I'm tempted to go Termniator as he would be the perfect body guard against the undead, but I'll keep this real and say My dad. He's tuff and I trust him to watch my back.

SOO…..tag people I must. Alex C, Dr. Retro, Rokk, Nerdy Bird, AND SallyP 

You know the rules, post your answers in your blog and tag some others.


Nick said…
The Sound of Silence, equally bad-ass and somewhat creepy. NICE.

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