THE Read Pile - 7/02/08

Huge week my wallet  mourns.

#1 ALL NEW ATOM #25 - This book is ending and it's a shame because this character is great. I hope he gets a JLA roster spot.

#2 BLUE BEETLE #28 - I hope this book does not go the way the Atom does this character is gold if someone who reads this blog isn't reading this comic you should be a shamed and you're really missing out.

#3 DYNAMO 5 #14 - I love this book. It's original and fun. I highly recommend it for all readers.

#4 AVENGERS INVADERS #3(OF 12) - I like the premise of this issue and can't wait to see which Namor wins my money os on the young one. 

#5 WAR THAT TIME FORGOT #3(OF 12) - I like this book it has me a little confused but it feels like lost but more sci-fi.

#6 TRINITY #5 - They're not disappointing.

#7 BATMAN #678 RIP - I don't understand what's happening. 

#8 STAR TREK YEAR FOUR ENTERPRISE EXPERIMENT #3 - I like this comic the art is great and the story is solid. 

#9 JOKER'S ASYLUM THE JOKER #1 - I have recently been in a Batman mood reading all his villains wikipedia entries and watching every bit of dark knight footage that is out there I am happy this book is coming out. 

#10 JSA CLASSIFIED #39 - Meh.

#11 HELLBOY THE CROOKED MAN#1 (OF 3) - I like Hellboy stories don't love them but they pass the time well enough. I'm hyped for the Hellboy flick though. 

#12 STAR TREK MIRROR IMAGES #1 - Don't know what tot expect  but I'll buy it on name alone. 

#13 HOUSE OF MYSTERY #3 - This book is weird but I'll give it six issues before I make a call to keep or drop. 

#14  HUNTRESS YEAR ONE #4 (OF 6) - I like this book it's really good and under the radar one of the best Year One's they've done. Way better that the Green Arrow at least. 

#15 JONAH HEX #33 - Darwyn Cooke's story. I am happy. 

#16 TOR #3 (OF 6) - I'm not up to date on this mini I'm picking it up and we'll blow through it when I have them all.

#17 SECRET HISTORY THE AUTHORITY HAWKSMOOR #4 (OF 6) - I am behond on this to but I'm not happy with the books quality or wordy title. 

#18 DC UNIVERSE SPECIAL REIGN IN HELL 80 PAGE GIANT - Let's give this the old college try. 

moment of weakness

I found this on the youtubes on my quest for info on The Dark Knight. This would totally work and I'd totally buy it and dig it. These are pics of what Harley could look like as a counterpart to Nolan's Joker. I love the Diamond tattoo and multicolored hair.  Also this fan vid of the Battle of the Batmen is genius and really well done, although I wish they would've thrown in a little Adam West.

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