End of the Shadowpact

Shadowpact concluded with issue #25. This really bums me out. The book wasn't that great but it really could have been. 

The team had it's finest moments forming during the Infinite Crisis. It has never gotten better than Day of Vengeance which has some of my favorite covers ever, and really depicts the magical element of the DCU into something really cool and unique.


The Shadowpact felt to me like it almost had an X-Factor or X-men vibe. So because I think this short lived series might read better and as an appetizer to what should be the ultra-lame Reign in Hell.


I am going to review all the Shadowpact's appearances as a team. 


Nick said…
Yeah the Shadowpact team in Day of Vegeance kicked large amounts of arse, and even in those first couple of issues in it's ongoing series it wasn't too bad either. I think where this series started to go was when Willingham left the series....nothing against the writer who replaced Willingham but, the feel I guess just wasn't quite the same.

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