thE READ PILE - 6/25/08

#1 FINAL CRISIS #2(OF 7) - I'm excited but I feel like I'm missing panels when I read a Morrison book.

#2 GREEN LANTERN #32 - This is the best story line of the summer.

#3 MIGHTY AVENGERS #15 - Pym's abduction can't wait to see what they pull out of their ass.

#4 NEW AVENGERS #42 - So they're taking the wayback machine to New Avengers #1. I wonder how the Spiderman One More Day retcon will be addressed. 

#5 MARVEL 1985 #2(OF 6) - This is a cool book but it would have been better with real photography or if it was drawn by Alex Ross.

#6 TEEN TITANS #60 - Clock King is pretty cool but I don't like the way that this is tying into Final Crisis.

#7 TRINITY #4 - This is actually good and I love the way they're doing triple covers.

#8 X-MEN LEGACY #213 - Gambit is my favorite X- character. If this book is going to give me him than it's on my pull list.

#9 WOLVERINE FIRST CLASS #4 - Don't no if I like all this Wundagore stuff but I like the art, 

#10 SECRET INVASION RUNAWAYS YOUNG AVENGERS #1(OF 3) - Let's see how the kids are gonna fair in New York fighting and army of Super Skrulls.

#11 PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #4(OF 7) - This series feels like its moving at a snails pace and there is no villain as far as I can tell.


#13 MS MARVEL #28 - Double meh.

#14 SUPERMAN #677 - I don't usually like Robinson but I'm ready to change my mind. 

#15 MYTHOS CAPTAIN AMERICA - I picked up a couple of these mythos books before and I like them. They are repetitive but I like to see new artists take on the origin. Also this cover just looks neat for some reason.

#16 THE MAN WITH NO NAME #2 - Didn't like the first issue. This is it's last chance to impress me before I drop it. 

moment of weakness

This weeks moment is more sad than geeky. A comedy legend has died as I'm sure you've heard. George Carlin and his comedy means alot to me. Some of my favorite memories with my family are watching his stand up on tv and laughing together. Carlin was a god. He never grew old or stale and his observations on american culture were always spot on provocative and insightful. Carlin in my book is the greatest philosopher of the 20th century. I send my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and fans. His comedy really meant alot to me. Usually when old celebrities die I'm not affected, but this time I am. Carlin is the gold standard of smart comedy and no one will ever replace him and there will never be another. Thank you Mr. Carlin for affecting my life and making me smile.


Swinebread said…
I can't stand Gambit... what is it about the character that you like so much?

Very Sad about George Carlin

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