6 reasons to like The Incredible Hulk

So I make my triumphant return to blogging rejuvenated and ready to review ass and blog names. 


The Incredible Hulk!!!

6. Edward Norton - Has made me edit Best Incarnations. He was perfect. He put the Hulk in real life situations like trying to have sex, and on the run believably. I am also really into the idea that Banner is trying to master his rage through meditation it gives him a more global and batman vibe. 
5. The Leader - I'm not a big Hulk fan and I really know very little about the character, his rogues, and his history. However, I do have rudimentary knowledge on the finer points of his rogues and the Leader I always thought was the lamest, but had the most potential. I am hyped at the prospect of the Leader actually being committed to film. Tim Blake Nelson is brilliant, he is way underused and should've gotten an oscar for his performance in O' borther where art thou. He is really going to shine with a bulbous head. 

4. Tim Roth - I love Tarantino and I love Roth through those films. He is one of the best villainous actors of our generation. He was dynamite in the planet of the apes remake and is by far one of the best ape actors in that film. In this movie he carries a sense of cool and dread that is unique. He feels like he came off a comic book page.

3. Captain America preview - Blonsky gets injected with a mild version of the super soldier serum. He has a bad ass fight with Hulk which I hope is the look and style of Captain America's movement, it was smooth fluid and matrix-y. 

2. Strong Sense of Universe - Iron Man felt free and fresh. This movie felt like it lived in the same universe which is quite the accomplishment. It also was able to convey a great sense of visual scope. The King Kong-ish scene of Betty and Hulk in the cave was cute and helped to develop both characters. This movie also continued the themes in marvel comics on how to deal with great power. 

1. Hulk Smash! -"HULK SMASH!" is probably the single best delivered line ever. It sounded sweet, innocent, angry, honest, fun, and cool. I wish that the Hulk would've said more one liners. The dialogue in this film was superb. The technobabble was clear and kept to a minimum. I loved Blonsky he had the right sense of cool and menace. Blonsky kicking off the third act by saying it's "Ready for round 3" was gold.   

Hulk Vs. Incredible Hulk

I think it's necessary to compare this film to the 2003 hulk, simple because it's the same franchise and changes were made that weren't necessarily great. Story wise things have improved the plot is simple clear and moves fairly quickly delivering a lot of Hulk fighting action. However I have to say Ang Lee made a better edited film the comic book panel flow of the previous movie was very cool and I wish that the Incredible Hulk would've emulated it. Everybody was recast but Sam Elliott shouldn't have been. Sam Elliot is the perfect Thunderbolt Ross. I like William Hurt in his other movies but his performance in the Hulk felt dry and passionless. Thunderbolt is hunting his white whale he is Ahab he needs to be passionate about it. In the beginning of the movie Blonsky lets the Hulk escape and Thunderbolts like "no problem good work dude." Sam Elliot had the right voice and style to play Thunderbolt. 

As far as hulks go the only improvement was the hair cut. Other than that the cg looked of the sam quality if perhaps a little less realistic in the Incredible Hulk.

Hulk Vs. Speed 
Speed Racer is still king of my summer. No movie has thrilled me the way it has and I have now seen it three times in theaters and it only gets better. Go out and see it. 

Side Notes.
My friends if you could answer some Hulk questions for me I'd greatly appreciate it. 

1. Why is Sam Sterns alias Mr. Blue? (i have a feeling thats a nod to something)
2.. Also was I the only one hoping Mr. Blue would be beast?
3. Isn't the leader originally a janitor or an idiot or something?
4. What is the Abomination currently up to in the Marvel U?

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