Weekend Watcher

This weekend didn't go as well as planned.

I didn't make the Strangers due to scheduling errors and long lines. I did see Speed Racer again though and I think I have to right another review on it because that movie is totally amazing.

The Kimbo fight was good and disgusting, but I think cbs did a piss poor job. It went on to long due to them announcing people to much. Also there was a sense of confusion at all the results nothing felt solid or firm. I don't think the end of the fight was lame. You don't want someone losing their ear in a fight. All in all I liked it but just because I like Kimbo.

As for the Brothers Venture I eagerly anticipate the start and this weeks post will probably be laced with venture quotes. So stay tuned.

Does any one like this weekend watcher segment? I'm debating whether to give it a stab as a Weekend column since people rarely posts on weekends.


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