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Chris Schweizer has a great rundown of the Marvel Universe's biggest smokers.

My favorites that he lists are in no particular order.

GAMBIT - for obvious reasons.

REED RICHARDS - It's as if the pipe were invented for his nerdy stretchy face.

J. JONAH JAMESON - No type of smoking goes better with screaming growling menace like a fat stubby cigar and J.J. owns it.

BANSHEE - The cigarrette enhances his European-ness. It also shows of his pubby beer drinking side. Is Banshee dead?

ELECTRO & BULLSEYE - Smoking enhances their villainy and menace. It takes them from costumed clowns to realistic seedy criminals. You can easily imagine them in prison bartering for smokes or smoking a cigarette after a bank heist to relax.

Why bring this up?

Because some groups have taken offense to how William Hurts character in The Incredible Hulk was smoking. That is ridiculous the type of props and vices a character has enhances the character. It delivers quickly and clearly the type of person the character is with out to much work. This is a free speech issue. I understand not wanting to tell kids smoking is cool, but it's not the hero smoking it's the villain.

Come on?

Who are your favorite Comic book smokers?


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