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I wasn't going to check out Hellcat but Pulp Secret sold me on it. When I go to get my comics tomorrow I'll grab it. 

Also I'm due to grab Planet Hulk. The Hulk movie piqued my interest enough and I want to see the prologue to World War Hulk. I hope Avengers looks like this.

I'm also thinking about grabbing Noble Causes. Faerber is right up their with Johns as far as top writers in comics currently. I'm currently reading Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One. My brother lent them to me and he's reading Wanted which he has got me interested in. I'll probably polish off Wanted by the end of the month. Haven't checked out the movie yet, not that interested.  It's sad to say because Hellboy is one of my top ten favorite movies, that I am now more looking forward to The Dark Knight than Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

I'm in a Batman mood. I've been watching the Batman the Animated Series and Justice League episodes. 



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