top Ten Superhero casting

The Movie Blog has the Top Ten best super hero movie casting.

I agree with all their pics and would like to add my own. 

10. The Riddler - Jim Carey in Batman Forever was stupendous he brought a lot of energy and insanity to the role. If his plot was more realistic and less sci-fi would make Carey's performance perfect.

9. Poison Ivy - She is the sole bright spot in Batman and Robin she was sexy, alluring, and seductive. She acts like a bond girl and her transformation form nerdy to sultry is perfect.  She reminds me of Weird Science. 

8. Howard Saint - John Travolta is one of our cheesiest actors but he was gold in The Punisher. As an audience memebr he comes off as such an a-hole that you're happy to see him destory his family and business. Also his death is one of the coolest action movie deaths ever.

7.  Doc Ock - Alfred Molina gives a layered and menacing performance as the bad doctor. The audience can buy him as the mourning crazy husband. Also the cgi of watching him rob a bank is beautiful. 

6. Ra's Al Ghul - Liam Neeson is perfect. The Watanabe fake was believable and Neeson has all the charm and sophistication to play Ra's. 

5. Beast - Kelsey Grammer is great casting. I hated this movie but Kelsey's voice and demeanor fit beast perfectly. The Make-up was off though. 

4. Lt. Gordon - Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors he is always solid from Dracula, to True Romance, to the good guy Jim Gordon.  He is honest and you feel for him as a character. 

3. The Trickster - Mark Hamill gives a beautiful performance as the Trickster. A wonderful preview of his voice acting skills. He is the master of comic book villainy.

2. Jean Grey - Famke Janssen is hot and looks wonderful in red. They never truly used her acting skills and would love to have watched her and Cyclops really fall in love on screen but it never panned out. 

1. The Caretaker and General Thunderbolt Ross - Sam Elliot is not only the bomb in westerns and in The Big Lebowski. He also has the perfect comic book exposition voice. His mustache is majestic and his eyes are enthralling. He is the best part of a lot of border line movies. 

What's your top ten super hero casting, blogosphere?

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