thE Read Pile - 7/16/08

My apologies for not being around but this week. We are going to talk millar, have 3 movie reviews, and have multiple pre-post Batman blogs.

#1 MARVEL 1985 #3(OF 6) - Love this series Millar is really making me happy. I will talk about him more this week.

#2 FINAL CRISIS ROGUE'S REVENGE #1(OF 3) - Johns is god. 

#3 MIGHTY AVENGERS #16 - meh.

#4 TRINITY #7 - This series is working for me even the Tarot back ups. 

#5 TINY TITANS #6 - This series is perfect for toilet reading.

#6 JOKER'S ASYLUM POISON IVY #1 - I'm not loving these Joker Asylum as much as I should. 

#7 DC WILDSTORM DREAMWAR #4 (OF 6) -  This is  a pretty dumb series I think I'm dropping it, 

#8 TANGENT SUPERMAN'S REIGN #5( OF 12) - This series is really poorly planned. This series should be an event. You shouldn't schedule this at the same time as Final Crisis when is this supposed to be happening?

moment of weekness

I'm hyped about The Dark Knight a great deal of my excitement is to see Ledger's performance. So see how his co-workers talk about him.

Now over here at the Weekness we love the 1987 Fred Dekker classic Monster Squad and really hope the Rob Cohen produced remake never-ever gets made

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