I liked Batman Gotham Knight

In anticipation of The Dark Knight tonight. Here is my Gotham Knight review.

I am not an anime fan but i really enjoyed this batman. The stories were well constructed and fun. Kevin Conroy voices Batman and Bruce and shows once again why he is the best voice for Batman ever. Nothing ground breaking but solid Batman tales with emphasis on the way that different people see what they want to to in Batman, but I'm getting ahead of myself lets break it down. Usually I break it down to 6 reasons I enjoyed it. Since this film is six short stories I'm just going to review each part on it's own.

Batman Gotham Knight

"Have I Got A Story For You" - Great Story. It's kind of a classic Batman style to show how kids imagine Batman. I espeically enjoyed the Marvel version of Batman that is in an Ironman Suit and jumps around like the Hulk. 

"Crossfire" - Crispus Allen meets animation. I like him as the spectre in the comics and he works in this short with out the ghost. Montoya isn't in this instead we get some other female cop named Ramirez. The gotham crime families are on display and the way the cops view Batman is shown in a fresh way that helps build the movie universe up. 

"Field Test" - This was one of the better stories. It showed some neat tech. It's cool to see Batman decide that he has to be vulnerable to fight crime the way that's right. 

"In Darkness Dwells" - Anime Gotham Sewers are awesome. Killer Croc was pretty lame and was just a rampaging monster. Scarecrow sported a great outfit and the scythe he was tossing around were very slick. I like the pacing in the story but I wish they had done Killer Croc better.

"Working Through Pain" - I felt this story was the weakest of them all. It was confusing. I thought the guns in the garbage can was some metaphor and that Bruce was hallucinating in his pain but it wasn't so it felt kind of lame. The parts of Bruce remembering his training is kind of lame and not very captivating. 

"Deadshot" - Deadshot is truly the anti-Batman. The two are evenly matched despite Deadshot's heavy armaments.


The anime Deadshot is more weaselly than the justice league version and I wasn't very impressed with his costume design.


The train fight was pretty cool and had a very epic feel which I dug.

 The ending is perfect with Batman looking up into the Bat-Signal pondering his parents death.

Also it's interesting to see Bruce admire the beauty of a gun. 


What did you think of Batmanime?

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