ThE Read Pile - 7/30/08

#1 GREEN LANTERN #33 - This story is perfect. I love the way that Johns writes Sinestro. He's so pompous. 

#2 JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA ANNUAL #1 - This looks awesome. Doc Retro must be hyped.

#3 WOLVERINE #67 - Old Man Logan is awesome. The Marvel version of wanted with a little bit of Escape from New York thrown in. 

#4 STAR TREK YEAR FOUR ENTERPRISE EXPERIMENT #4 - This book is solid and I love the art is has a very nostalgic felling which i dig. Keep it up IDW.

#5 TEEN TITANS #61 - Kind of pissed my favorite Titan Ravager is off the squad hope she returns soon. Until then Blue Beetle and Kid Devil will have to do.

#6 BLUE BEETLE #29 - I like this cover. Is that supposed to be the Texas Mexico border?

#7 BATMAN DEATH MASK #4(OF 4)  -More Batmanga. I love it. I'd love to see the Manga take on Scarecrow or Joker or Killer Croc.


#9 SECRET INVASION FANTASTIC FOUR #3(OF 3) - I like this book i thought I would've dropped it but it's a good read and new reader friendly.

#10 HUNTRESS YEAR ONE #6(OF 6) - One of the best year one's i've read.


#12 SKAAR SON OF HULK #2 - This is fun. I'm currently reading Planet Hulk in trades and enjoying it. 

#13 REIGN IN HELL #1(OF 8) - Hope this doesn't suck eight issues is a long time for a mini. 

#14 TRUE BELIEVERS #1(OF 5) - I don't know what this is but I'm getting it.

#15 STAR TREK MIRROR IMAGES #2 - Pretty good worth a look at least. 


Dr. Retro said…
Yes, I am hyped! Today's the big day!!!!

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