Near Miss!

Old Man Logan #2 comes out tomorrow and I'm pretty hyped. I almost missed the first issue but thanks to a cover of the week nod by nick, i checked it out in the store and after perusing the art was sold. 

OLD MAN LOGAN! is the coolest freaking book out there. Millar is really owning the comic book industry. He's delivering a lot of fun cool stories. Between 1985, Kick-Ass and this. I think it's safe to call myself a Millar fan especially after reading Wanted. 

Imagine Wolverine as a pacifist in a post-apocalyptic Marvel Universe. The giant villain uprising that happens in Wanted is now applied to the Marvel Universe. 


Only Marvel's villains are too gawdy to run the world in secret peacefully. They have to own it publicy and feud against each other.

 The Hulks redneck kids were a joy.


Wow all of the Hulks offspring are dangerous.


By the way, Wolverine has a son named Scott! LOL!


Swinebread said…
I like post-apocalyptic stories but I've tuned out the x-books for so long I don't even know how to one up in the store now

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