erislaughs and stephen watches: chapter 4

Sorry for posting so many you-tubey filled posts, but I enjoy the format. Do you like it or not?

Avengers Invaders - Namor is a bit dreamy. I like timetravel. It's to much to add on to Secret Invasion with out calling it a crisis.

Detective Comics - Haven't read it. I might start grabbing it if the Dark Knight throws me into a bout of batmadness. 

Catwoman, The Goon, Captain Britain, Tank Girl, Invincible Iron Man, Thor, - Doesn't catch my eye.

Secret Invasion - Meh, Fury wasn't that bad ass. I like your Skrull theory.  

Young X-men - Crappy indeed. 

Cookiness- Genius observation. I know what you mean. I feel more familiar with the DCU so I enjoy the characters and archetypes more than marvel which to me seems like it's cooky in a 90's way as opposed to a silver age way like the current dcu.

Hulk: Raging Thunder, Young Avengers, red Hulk, Cable - is of no interest to me.

X-force - How do you like this book? It's so crappy and dumb. I hate the art!

Abe Sapien - Might have to pick it up.

Gen Next - I will have to pick it up now. I love New X-men. 

Congrats on your A's I am proud. 


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