6 reasons to love Hellboy 2: The Golden Army


6. Tooth Fairys- Del Toro makes the Tooth Fairy a vicious sadistic little horde of monsters. They are both cute and terrifying. The perfect openning baddies for Hellboy to squiah up and show mass carnage and feces. The little buggers steal the show.

5. Magic Robots - The Golden Army is basically magic robots. The only way they could be better is if they were zombie magic robots. 

4. Krauss - If you would've told me walking into this movie that Hellboy and Abe Sapien weren't going to be the weirdest looking hero? I would've told you, you were crazy. Krauss look supercool, he has a steam punk vibe, and a very Mr. Freeze looking suit. Krauss is voiced by Seth McFarlane of Family Guy fame. His performance is quite good and his scenes with Hellboy and crew are very memorable. He lightens the movie effectively. He also has a terrific visual which make me start theorizing about the smoke monster of Lost.

3. Love Story - Hellboy 2 means 2 love stories. Kind of reminded me of Back To The Future Part 3, Abe is totally Doc Brown in love. He's unsure how to make his fishy appearance studly. He is a fantastic drunk. Not only that but Hellboy and Abe give love to Barry The Manilow, one of my favorite singers. This part of the movie is for the girlfriends and in the screening i was in it was greeted with the appropriate awes of cuteness.

2. Baby - Hellboy fights a giant plant monster with a Baby in one hand and a big gun named Baby in the other.


1. Hellboy - Perlman owns the film. He plays a Hellboy as Charlie Brown meets Terminator. The audience really sympathizes for the big guy more than in the first movie as we see him now deal with humanity and there opinions. Points are even made about his inter-species relationship with Liz.  Hellboy always seems to be in the center of the screen and looking heroic. 

Speed Vs. Hellboy

Speed is still king. Hellboy had it's flaws. Make up wise I think this time the made Hellboy a little smaller than last film and it really sucks to see Hellboy with this thin torso and a giant head. 

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