thE Read Pile - 7/23/08

#1 IMMORTAL IRON FIST #17 - I like the direction Marvel is taking Iron Fist he's really growing as a character. 

#2 TRINITY #8 - Trinity is working for me the story feels like it's building to something real and the characters seem to be moving toward the same place. 

#3 BRAVE AND THE BOLD #15 - Nightwing and Hawkman not the most excited team up but let's see what type of chemistry they produce.

#4 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #26 - This book wraps up the Mongul arch which is pretty good. 

#5  JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #23 - JLA needs to step it up. Cool cover though.

#6 TWO FACE: YEAR ONE #1(OF 2) - With all the Batman energy in the air how could I not pick up a book about my favorite bat-foe.

#7 JOKER'S ASYLUM: SCARECROW #1 - These Joker Asylum's have been hit or miss, hopefully this one will hit. 

#8 NEW AVENGERS #43 - Secret Invasion sucks and takes forever and has the worst flow of any story ever. 

#9 SUPERMAN #678 - First issue was good so I'm still on board.

#10 WOLVERINE FIRST CLASS #5 - Wolverine in Alpha Flight sounds like fun.

#11 X-MEN LEGACY #214 - The end of last issue was great tease at Mr. Sinister/ Prof. X. This is the worst book I read but the next issue always seems like it's going to improve. 

#12 AMBUSH BUG: YEAR NONE #1(OF 6) - Never read an Ambush bug comic so here is my first taste.

moment of weakness

This variant of Immortal Iron Fist #17 is to cool not to show off. 


Nick said…
Yeah David Aja's style is pretty nifty to look at, the cover art he did for Immortal Iron Fist #16 I especially dug.
chaplainandrews said…
Hey great site!!! thank you for checking mine--the army blocked yours so I wasn't able to see your for awhile!! Thanks!!

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