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Pick up Jonah Hex number 34

This is the first page of JONAH HEX #34. Which boldly tells of an attempt by Hex to quit bounty hunting and killing. To live a life of peace and tranquility.  This story really defines Hex. It touches upon his relationship with his father, and shows the way Hex deals with women. 

Watching Hex flirt and turn away some one who is kind to him for fear of losing them or being dragged into combat. Palmiotti and Gray have become masters at plotting these Hex stories and Mark Sparacio draws a beautiful comic.

He is especially good at drawing beautiful busty women. However, he does it with class and a sense of period. Despite the beauty of his women it never feels like he's exploiting them or being salacious.

Of course things go bad for Hex and his would be girlfriend. 

Which allows Sparacio to show off his skill at drawing emotion. He really pulls great performances out of all the characters. This is quite possibly one of the best issues of the series.

Hex saves the day as per usual in his own special Hex way.

If you don't read this book I highly recommend it It's by far one of DC's most consistently good books and it's always one and done. 

I wonder if Palmiotti and Gray's run will go down as an all time classic run?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the read pile - 8/28/08

DC UNIVERSE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT - I'm excited about this. I am a Meltzer fan. Not sure I totally understand the cover. Who is superman sharing a face with?

BLUE BEETLE #30 - I like this border opatrol story, it fits his characer and it can really go places.

REIGN IN HELL #2(OF 8) - If this issue sucks I'm dropping it. 

WOLVERINE #68 - This book is great, I think it'll be a classic.

SKAAR SON OF HULK #3 - This is working for me.

FAMILY DYNAMIC #1(OF 3) - I'll give it a chance, is this original?

IMMORTAL IRON FIST #18 - Uh-oh. I don't like the look of that cover.

X-MEN LEGACY #215 - This book always ends strong and doesn't deliver, I'm going to drop it and save money.

FINAL CRISIS ROGUES REVENGE #2(OF 3) - I like this book but the plot to this. Making Inertia the new Kid Flash, and Johns's Legion of Three Worlds redeeming Superboy prime. It feels like Johns is recycling Ideas a bit. 

FINAL CRISIS SUPERMAN BEYOND #1(OF 2)-Not sure what to expect out of a two issue mini.

STAR TREK YEAR FOUR ENTERPRISE EXPERIMENT #5 - Great book, strong art, good writing, and the story feels dense and rich.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #18 - Johns you are all over this week.

WOLVERINE FIRST CLASS #6 - Love this cover.

NEW AVENGERS #44 - Secret Invasion sucks. This issue promises some big reveal. I predict it'll be lame.

KICK ASS #4 - It seems like this book never comes out. Is it shipping late or on a bi-monthly schedule?


SUPERMAN #679 - Robinson isn't doing to bad.

TEEN TITANS#62 - Finally lets build up some of these new characters please.

TRINITY #13 - I love this book. Is it going to go a full year?

Good or bad?

Kid Devil is now Red Devil.

Is this good or bad? 

Also, is the new costume an upgrade or downgrade?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I wish...

This is a new fixture I've just invented I call it.

I wish...

...that this was the current Fantastic Four.

This is probably my favorite what if story ever simply because it opens up so many story telling opportunities. I mean you consolidate the Spiderman villains, Wolverine's villains, Hulk's enemies, Ghost Rider's enemies and the Fantastic Fours. Imagine all the crazy villain team ups and teams you can do. Plus it would make the Fantastic Four the thing it was meant to be, be the rival to Justice League. Stan Lee says he invented the Fantastic Four because his boss told him to write a team book because JLA was selling well. This could be Marvels JLA forget the Avengers(Iron Man is a dick!).

If you haven't pick up this issue do so. This team works well because Ben Grimm approves of it. Heck if this were a real book I would make Grimm their dispatch guy, who manages their home, and makes sure they stay organized. 

It's also interesting how these four fit with the old four. Wolverine has the toughness of the Thing, and the power level of Sue Storm. Spidey has sort of Johnny Storm's wise cracking, and Mr. Fantastic's trapping ability and fluidness thanks to his webs. The Hulk has things clobberin and monster aspects, with Reed Richard types of smarts. Ghost Rider has Johnny Storms flaming nature, and rebelliousness.

Track down this book it's worth every penny. Here's a little two page spalsh to entice you. 

Oh and this is the last work of the much beloved Mike Wierengo who I'm sure you've been seeing around DC and Marvel as they have cleared up advertisement space to honor him.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marvel Super Heroes = Celbrities?

Comic By Comic has a great post about celebing up the Marvel Universe. Check it out then return for my two cents.

I totallly agree with all of Rich's points, he's got the archetypes right and it's interesting that this really can't work on a total universe wide scale with DC like it could with marvel. Marvel comics has always had the aspect to its universe that there is a public at large and it may not fall in love with superheroes the way that they do in Metropolis.

The best example of using celbrity in superhero comics is Peter Milligan and Mike Allred's X-Statix. Which as I have said before is one of my favorite comic runs ever. This book really looks at the superhero life as more celebrity driven than heroic.

What no one ever talks about though is the celebrity associated with villainy. How would the world deal with some one like the Shocker or Rhino as a role model for troubled youth? Would Hank Pym go on the surreal life? Does America still root for Moon Knight after 9/11? Hasn't there also been some super hero story lines based around superhero paparazzi? Wow this post sucks I ended up rambling alot. Rich is a lot better than me.

6 reasons to LOVE Tropic Thunder

I saw a double feature of war movies this Sunday. Back to back Tropic Thunder and Star Wars The Clone Wars. I enjoyed them both so here are my thoughts.


6. Unconventional Casting - You've probably already heard about Tom Cruise being in the film. He is, and he is funny. I don't want to spoil it for you but Stiller really has a great eye for casting and this decision is inspired. Mathew McConaghey is in the flick also and he is funny as ever. His agent would fit perfectly in the world of HBO's Entourage. I'd love to see a Pecker Gold buddy agent flick. 
5. Tugg "Tuggernuts" Speedman - Stiller's action movie hero would fit in perfectly with Derek Zoolander. Speedman isn't smart, but he looks awesome with shit blowing up behind him. Stiller spends half the flick acting like a mentally handicapped person. I don't really understand how people are offended by this. It's not done with negativity it is simply a little bit of politically incorrect comedy. 

4. The Presentation - The film opens with a fake drink commercial starring one of the stars of the fake film in Tropic Thunder Alpa Chino. This fake advertisement is hilarious and surreal because for the length of it your not sure if this ridiculousness is actually real or not. It's then followed by fake trailers for Stiller, Black, and Downey Jr.'s characters. It's genius even though it looked a lot more realistic when Tarantino and Rodrigues did it in Grindhouse.  Also this film succeeds where Pineapple Express failed it delivered fun unique interesting and large scale action and mixed it effectively with comedy.

3&2. Jeff Portnoy and Kirk Lazarus - The performance everyone talks about at the end of this movie is usually about Robert Downey Jr.'s awesome performance. In fact, my favorite line in the film comes from Downey. This is really his summer between Iron Man and this Downey is at the top of Hollywood. 

I love Jack Black Nacho Libre is one of the funniest movies ever as far as I'm concerned. Black's performance is really over shadowed. He spends half the movie strung out and in withdrawal spouting insane statements, and screaming his head off. The character he plays in the film although understated is that sort of tough talking city guy in every war movie. 


1. The Ensemble - This group of actors together really works well. It almost feels like the comedy version of Ocean's Eleven. The character's play well off of each other and watching them go in and out of their characters is hilarious. Danny McBride also kicks ass in this flick as a pyromaniac special effects guy. Nolte also owns as a Vietnam Vet.


Each character is clearly defined and has a lot more comedy to mine. I would be all for Tropic Thunder 2, with a maybe a bigger more diverse cast  possible collaborators Dave Chappelle, Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Chris Rock, Dane Cook, Bill Murray, etc.

Monday, August 18, 2008


For thos of you who haven't seen Pulp Secrets last episode of the stack.  The Stack is nor more. As you know I'm a big fan of The Stack, but I'm not distraught. Alex, Justin, and Pete are still talking comics on youtube. Hopefully they keep this up for a long time to come and get a new site up and running soon. So subscribe to them. 

ThE ReAd PiLe - 8/20/08

I'm trying to save money on comics so I'm trying to stick to ten books a week. Let's see how that works out. 

FINAL CRISIS LEGION OF THREE WORLDS #1(OF 5) - Johns is the best. I'm really excited for this. I wonder how this really plays into Final Crisis. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #24 - I like the cover and hopefully after this arch the JLA can stretch it's wings and move on from Meltzer's plots.

DC WILDSTORM DREAM WAR #5(OF 6) - This isn't working for me it feels weird and it doesn't feel like anything of importance has happened. In fact there isn't even any cool crossover moments since the first issue. 

TRINITY #12 - I love this cover. Makes me wanna say Fuck Yeah!

IRON FIST ORIGIN OF DANNY RAND - Iron Fist is the best book marvel has as far as I;m concerned. Anyone disagree?

TANGENT SUPERMAN'S REIGN #6(OF 6) - I like this comic, I don't love it. Read it if you gto money to blow but by no means a must read. 

MARVEL 1985 #4(OF 6) - I wish this book had more action.

BRAVE AND THE BOLD #16 - Superman Catwoman team up odd pairing usually these odd pairing s work at well. I'm curious to see how this plays out. 

TRUE BELIEVERS #2(OF 5) - I liked the first issue enough to pick it up again. That speaks for itself. Also what a good cover.

YOUNG X-MEN #5 - This book sucks. Bring back the New X-men!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

666 reasons to love Hell Ride

I'd like to preface this review by saying that one of my all time favorite movies is Easy Rider. Also, I'm a sucker for any bike movie in general. This movie is about to rival biker gangs warring with each other to track down a lost treasure from 1976.  Without further ado I give you my review of Hell Ride.


666. Rock n' Roll - This movie's soundtrack is perfection. From ans awesome motor cycle riding montage set to C.C. Rider. 
This movie is wall to wall sound like a spaghetti western. It is complex and clever with it's musical choices. Especially in a scene in the film where our Biker hero Pistolero trips on Peyote to think. The music really fills the music up and makes the conflict feel epic.

665. Weaponry - Everyone is armed to the teeth and everyone has their own unique signature weapon. Pistolero has his pistol. The gent has his Revolver. Comanche has his revolver, cross bow, and scalping knife. Eddie Zero has a whole armory in his side car. Billy Wings has his arrow shooter gun thing which is really cool. The action this unique weaponry lends to the film makes it feel like a western and makes for some great gore. 

664. Bikes - All these motorcycles are lovely. Some are classic others are more modern looking but their are no suzukis or gopeds. Everyone in this flick rides american steel. The bikes are extremely detailed and the production design is exquisite. 

663. Characters - Most of the characters are one-dimensional and that's fine, hell that's what makes it fun. All you need to understand anyone is there name a look at a tattoo, or a look at their motorcycle.c Every prop and stitch of clothing defines the characters. Thei dialogue reinforces their look but is almost unnecessary. Pistolero. The Gent. Comanche. Billy Wings. Eddie Zero. The Deuce. Everyone has a moment to shine and each character is cool in their own way. This film is really a bunch of bad asses fighting out whose the most bad ass.

662-2. Women - This movie is filled with some of the hottest women in large numbers than I've seen in a long time. Every woman in this movie except for a 1 is perfect looking. The best part is that Bishop mr number 1 is a sex god in the film.

1. Larry Bishop - has written himself a terrific character, and a terrific bike movie. Pistolero is a genius character as embodied by the Paul Ruebens looking Bishop. He exudes sexuality, every woman in the film propositions him for sex, and his tattooed covered arms emphasize his  toughness. His voice is the voice of the grittiest bad ass biker who ever lived. If his performance comes across cheesy to some to me it is simply fun. Tarantino was right to encourage Bishop in his biker epic. The movie would fit perfectly playing after Death Proof or Planet Terror. It feels like a real grind house picture.

Below is the trailer and I encourage you to see this movie if it's playing your area. I'm sure this film will become a cult classic over time if not already, so I'm sure we'll be able to enjoy it on DVD in the future. .  

Have you seen it?

Go see Hell Ride!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

v for venture

In honor of the Boys Venture I shall post up a clip of some sort every week till...


Isn't this just comic book gold? 

I mean come on Brainulo brags about coming in a robot. 


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Batman Beyond- The Casting Couch

Found this great bit on casting the rest of batman filmverse on movie moron and incontention and I'd like to join the casting couch and pick my Bat-rogues.

Steve Buscemi as The Riddler - Buscemi would be the perfect voice for the Riddler's riddles and I'm sure he can make him menacing. Also his build and look are perfect. The Riddler shouldn't be Johnny Depp pretty.

Alan Arkin as Mr. Freeze - Put him in a big steam punk looking suit and play him as a discovered freak. Play up the fact that he's immortal and stay way from ice puns and this would be cool(couldn't resist). 

Monica Bellucci as Talia Al Ghul - She looks nothing like Liam Neeson but she's hot and can act I think that's all Talia needs. 

Javier Bardem as Bane - He's big and has a spanish accent and could act your face off. He could really have fun here. Make him a crime boss and put him in a luchador mask, maybe muscle him up with cgi. Another good choice would be Danny Trejo. 

Al Pacino as The Ventriloquist - Let him get deep into character give him few lines and make him seem insignificant. Then imagine Tony Montana's voice pouring out of Scarface and enjoy a brilliant performance. 

Natalie Portman as Catwoman - She can act, be pretty, and it would be cool to see her play some one morally gray as she is usually the nice girl. 

Danny McBride as The Penguin - He would be entertaining for at least 10 minutes in costume.

Mickey Rourke as Killer Croc - If he can play Marv I'm sure he can play Croc. Get KNB to do some cool make-up and bulk him up in a suit it would work.

Sheri Moon Zombie as Poison Iy - She could play the eco-freak perfectly with a little hair dye and a saddistic story. 

Simon Pegg as the Mad Hatter - Put him in a top hatand let him go mad. You can play the Hatter anyway you want really he's not one of those bat-villains that have a definitive form in the mainstream culture. You could play him as a serial killer, a control freak, an envious guy, or just mad.

Quentin Tarantino as Film Freak - Okay I never want to see Film Freak on the big screen but who else would be more believable.

Already cast roles that would be cool.

Johnny Depp = Joker

Doug Jones = Scarecrow

Sid Haig = Ra's Al Ghul

Benicio Del Toro = Two-Face

Michael Parks = Jim Gordon 

Any inspired casting ideas?