ThE ReAd PiLe - 8/20/08

I'm trying to save money on comics so I'm trying to stick to ten books a week. Let's see how that works out. 

FINAL CRISIS LEGION OF THREE WORLDS #1(OF 5) - Johns is the best. I'm really excited for this. I wonder how this really plays into Final Crisis. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #24 - I like the cover and hopefully after this arch the JLA can stretch it's wings and move on from Meltzer's plots.

DC WILDSTORM DREAM WAR #5(OF 6) - This isn't working for me it feels weird and it doesn't feel like anything of importance has happened. In fact there isn't even any cool crossover moments since the first issue. 

TRINITY #12 - I love this cover. Makes me wanna say Fuck Yeah!

IRON FIST ORIGIN OF DANNY RAND - Iron Fist is the best book marvel has as far as I;m concerned. Anyone disagree?

TANGENT SUPERMAN'S REIGN #6(OF 6) - I like this comic, I don't love it. Read it if you gto money to blow but by no means a must read. 

MARVEL 1985 #4(OF 6) - I wish this book had more action.

BRAVE AND THE BOLD #16 - Superman Catwoman team up odd pairing usually these odd pairing s work at well. I'm curious to see how this plays out. 

TRUE BELIEVERS #2(OF 5) - I liked the first issue enough to pick it up again. That speaks for itself. Also what a good cover.

YOUNG X-MEN #5 - This book sucks. Bring back the New X-men!


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