666 reasons to love Hell Ride

I'd like to preface this review by saying that one of my all time favorite movies is Easy Rider. Also, I'm a sucker for any bike movie in general. This movie is about to rival biker gangs warring with each other to track down a lost treasure from 1976.  Without further ado I give you my review of Hell Ride.


666. Rock n' Roll - This movie's soundtrack is perfection. From ans awesome motor cycle riding montage set to C.C. Rider. 
This movie is wall to wall sound like a spaghetti western. It is complex and clever with it's musical choices. Especially in a scene in the film where our Biker hero Pistolero trips on Peyote to think. The music really fills the music up and makes the conflict feel epic.

665. Weaponry - Everyone is armed to the teeth and everyone has their own unique signature weapon. Pistolero has his pistol. The gent has his Revolver. Comanche has his revolver, cross bow, and scalping knife. Eddie Zero has a whole armory in his side car. Billy Wings has his arrow shooter gun thing which is really cool. The action this unique weaponry lends to the film makes it feel like a western and makes for some great gore. 

664. Bikes - All these motorcycles are lovely. Some are classic others are more modern looking but their are no suzukis or gopeds. Everyone in this flick rides american steel. The bikes are extremely detailed and the production design is exquisite. 

663. Characters - Most of the characters are one-dimensional and that's fine, hell that's what makes it fun. All you need to understand anyone is there name a look at a tattoo, or a look at their motorcycle.c Every prop and stitch of clothing defines the characters. Thei dialogue reinforces their look but is almost unnecessary. Pistolero. The Gent. Comanche. Billy Wings. Eddie Zero. The Deuce. Everyone has a moment to shine and each character is cool in their own way. This film is really a bunch of bad asses fighting out whose the most bad ass.

662-2. Women - This movie is filled with some of the hottest women in large numbers than I've seen in a long time. Every woman in this movie except for a 1 is perfect looking. The best part is that Bishop mr number 1 is a sex god in the film.

1. Larry Bishop - has written himself a terrific character, and a terrific bike movie. Pistolero is a genius character as embodied by the Paul Ruebens looking Bishop. He exudes sexuality, every woman in the film propositions him for sex, and his tattooed covered arms emphasize his  toughness. His voice is the voice of the grittiest bad ass biker who ever lived. If his performance comes across cheesy to some to me it is simply fun. Tarantino was right to encourage Bishop in his biker epic. The movie would fit perfectly playing after Death Proof or Planet Terror. It feels like a real grind house picture.

Below is the trailer and I encourage you to see this movie if it's playing your area. I'm sure this film will become a cult classic over time if not already, so I'm sure we'll be able to enjoy it on DVD in the future. .  

Have you seen it?

Go see Hell Ride!


Gordon D said…
Personally, there's only one reason I'd see Hell Rider:

Michael Madsen.

He makes any movie worth seeing.
Stephen said…
he's good in this flick. he growls his head off

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