Batman Beyond- The Casting Couch

Found this great bit on casting the rest of batman filmverse on movie moron and incontention and I'd like to join the casting couch and pick my Bat-rogues.

Steve Buscemi as The Riddler - Buscemi would be the perfect voice for the Riddler's riddles and I'm sure he can make him menacing. Also his build and look are perfect. The Riddler shouldn't be Johnny Depp pretty.

Alan Arkin as Mr. Freeze - Put him in a big steam punk looking suit and play him as a discovered freak. Play up the fact that he's immortal and stay way from ice puns and this would be cool(couldn't resist). 

Monica Bellucci as Talia Al Ghul - She looks nothing like Liam Neeson but she's hot and can act I think that's all Talia needs. 

Javier Bardem as Bane - He's big and has a spanish accent and could act your face off. He could really have fun here. Make him a crime boss and put him in a luchador mask, maybe muscle him up with cgi. Another good choice would be Danny Trejo. 

Al Pacino as The Ventriloquist - Let him get deep into character give him few lines and make him seem insignificant. Then imagine Tony Montana's voice pouring out of Scarface and enjoy a brilliant performance. 

Natalie Portman as Catwoman - She can act, be pretty, and it would be cool to see her play some one morally gray as she is usually the nice girl. 

Danny McBride as The Penguin - He would be entertaining for at least 10 minutes in costume.

Mickey Rourke as Killer Croc - If he can play Marv I'm sure he can play Croc. Get KNB to do some cool make-up and bulk him up in a suit it would work.

Sheri Moon Zombie as Poison Iy - She could play the eco-freak perfectly with a little hair dye and a saddistic story. 

Simon Pegg as the Mad Hatter - Put him in a top hatand let him go mad. You can play the Hatter anyway you want really he's not one of those bat-villains that have a definitive form in the mainstream culture. You could play him as a serial killer, a control freak, an envious guy, or just mad.

Quentin Tarantino as Film Freak - Okay I never want to see Film Freak on the big screen but who else would be more believable.

Already cast roles that would be cool.

Johnny Depp = Joker

Doug Jones = Scarecrow

Sid Haig = Ra's Al Ghul

Benicio Del Toro = Two-Face

Michael Parks = Jim Gordon 

Any inspired casting ideas?


Sheridan Passell said…
Hey these are terrific picks. The ones we did over at movie-moron were definitely tongue in cheek, but any of your choices I'd love to see. Only Sheri Moon Zombie would let the side down I reckon.
Stephen said…
thank you sir. its you guys who put rourke on my radar as some one cast-able i would have never thought of him for croc if for not moron picking him for bane. my original thought was ron perlman
Tyler Lovemark said…
I could actually see a lot of these working out really well. A lot of the choices are pretty unconventional, nice job.
Ryan said…
You're right Buscemi definitely has the right look to him. Now that I actually think about it, it's kind of scary how much he looks like Frank Gorshin from the 1966 Batman.
Swinebread said…
and Verne Troyer as Batmite!
Anonymous said…
What about Manbat.
Anonymous said…
I actually disagree with Buscemi as the Riddler. None of the comics I've ever read with the Riddler make him seem as old and unattractive as Buscemi (no offence to Mr. Buscemi I do think he's a great actor). The Riddler strikes me as a little younger than the Joker, slick and charming but a bit of a wimp (think of Jim Lee's drawings of him in Hush for instance). I wouldn't want Johnny Depp simply because he's at that level of famous where I can only see him as Johnny Depp. Nor do I think the Riddler should be 'pretty', but he should be able to pull off attractive and charismatic.
Everybody are very good and perfect... I like their work very much. This is so complicated for me that who is best among them ... I think Sheri Moon Zombie as Poison Iy is doing very appreciative work..... So she is my favorite among them... Thanks

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