Pick up Jonah Hex number 34

This is the first page of JONAH HEX #34. Which boldly tells of an attempt by Hex to quit bounty hunting and killing. To live a life of peace and tranquility.  This story really defines Hex. It touches upon his relationship with his father, and shows the way Hex deals with women. 

Watching Hex flirt and turn away some one who is kind to him for fear of losing them or being dragged into combat. Palmiotti and Gray have become masters at plotting these Hex stories and Mark Sparacio draws a beautiful comic.

He is especially good at drawing beautiful busty women. However, he does it with class and a sense of period. Despite the beauty of his women it never feels like he's exploiting them or being salacious.

Of course things go bad for Hex and his would be girlfriend. 

Which allows Sparacio to show off his skill at drawing emotion. He really pulls great performances out of all the characters. This is quite possibly one of the best issues of the series.

Hex saves the day as per usual in his own special Hex way.

If you don't read this book I highly recommend it It's by far one of DC's most consistently good books and it's always one and done. 

I wonder if Palmiotti and Gray's run will go down as an all time classic run?


Even though the story is a few violent, I have to admit that I stayed so pleased with the central topic and the sequence of it.
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