the READ pile - 8/13/08

BOOSTER GOLD #11 - This cover is beautiful. I'd hang this up on my wall like a piece of fine art. 

ACTION COMICS #868 - Geoff Johns owns this. I'd love to see his take on Metallo my favorite supes villain. 

LONE RANGER #12 - Great book. Read it. 

BATMAN #679 RIP - Still confused but I'm interested. 

FINAL CRISIS REVELATIONS #1(OF 5) - I might drop this if its not revealing enough. 

SECRET INVASION #5(OF 7) - This book sucks. 

GREEN ARROW BLACK CANARY #11 - The art by Cliff is a joy. I wish we could see more of Ollie at home with his wife being more husbandly and dealing with husbandly responsibilities.

HELL BOY THE CROOKED MAN #2(OF 3) - This is a pretty cool Hellboy story, it seems like he's going to meet the devil. 

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #27 - Love this cover and not for the Green Lantern bulges. . 

TINY TITANS #7 - I wish this book was just like a weekly back up in the regular Teen Titans book. 

LAST DEFENDERS #6 (OF 6) - I already bought the first 5 last one ain't gonna kill me. 

TRINITY #11 - This series is working for me thus far. I find my self really interested in how they produce the comic. 


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