I wish...

This is a new fixture I've just invented I call it.

I wish...

...that this was the current Fantastic Four.

This is probably my favorite what if story ever simply because it opens up so many story telling opportunities. I mean you consolidate the Spiderman villains, Wolverine's villains, Hulk's enemies, Ghost Rider's enemies and the Fantastic Fours. Imagine all the crazy villain team ups and teams you can do. Plus it would make the Fantastic Four the thing it was meant to be, be the rival to Justice League. Stan Lee says he invented the Fantastic Four because his boss told him to write a team book because JLA was selling well. This could be Marvels JLA forget the Avengers(Iron Man is a dick!).

If you haven't pick up this issue do so. This team works well because Ben Grimm approves of it. Heck if this were a real book I would make Grimm their dispatch guy, who manages their home, and makes sure they stay organized. 

It's also interesting how these four fit with the old four. Wolverine has the toughness of the Thing, and the power level of Sue Storm. Spidey has sort of Johnny Storm's wise cracking, and Mr. Fantastic's trapping ability and fluidness thanks to his webs. The Hulk has things clobberin and monster aspects, with Reed Richard types of smarts. Ghost Rider has Johnny Storms flaming nature, and rebelliousness.

Track down this book it's worth every penny. Here's a little two page spalsh to entice you. 

Oh and this is the last work of the much beloved Mike Wierengo who I'm sure you've been seeing around DC and Marvel as they have cleared up advertisement space to honor him.


Ryan said…
I couldn't find a copy of this anywhere when it first came out. However, now that I see the awesome Fantastic Four uniforms everyone has, I'm going to have to go out and get it!

I'm such a sucker for alternate costumes.
Mike Haseloff said…
Not sure I could stomach the headliner mash-up on a permanent basis, especially after Avengers, but I definitely appreciate the sentiment!

Have you read any of the issues from the period when they were the Four? Lots of fun, and Skrulls to boot!
Tragically nineties by design, but a fun curiosity, none the less!

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