6 reason to LOVE The Dark Knight


6. MAYOR BAT-MANUEL - Nestor Carbonell of Cane, Lost, and The Tick(live action tv series). Has a small part as the Mayor of Gotham. Why should anyone care? He helped lampoon the elements of the Batman mythos ad the one and only  Batmanuel. This inside joke is almost worth the price of admission. Nestor is also a terrific actor and a fellow cuban-american like myself so I'm a big fan of the guy and I hope this flick gets him more film work. 

5. BATMAN UNIVERSE - The universe truly is Batman's. The same way the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man realy seel the Marvel Universe. This film sells the Batman Universe and Gotham city. It makes the city a real world place and treats its characters like real people. Gotham is busy and complex. The fact that Batman first faces of against the Scarecrow makes the city feel busy and it helps you believe that a Batman villain is hiding behind every alley. 

4. THEMES - The Dark Knight plays expands upon the themes of the last film. Choas and order. Crime, the law, and vigilantism are questioned. The movie really gives you more to chew on after the film than any comic book movie I've ever seen. My favorite theme is the way that Joker gets caught with his human experiment which proves Batman right for believing in humanity. 

3. HARVEY "TWO-FACE" DENT - Two Face for some inexplicable reason is quite possibly my favorite bat villain. I love his origin and love the way it ties to and affects Bruce. I always imagine and this movie almost supports it, Harvey Dent was Bruce's plan to fix the earth. I think wayne imagined one day Harvey becoming president and reforming the entire country. This film supports the idea that Dent is more hero than Batman and what happens to him helps prove why batman needs to wear a mask.  Eckhart's performance is outshown by Ledger but it is equally as good his anger is fearsome and his two-face logic (shooting the driver) is spot on perfect.

2. BATMAN - This is be far my favorite batsuit of the films it moves better although I don;t like the all black but I'll talk about that later. The Bat's gadgets were better than last time. The batpod was super cool. Wayne's playboy penthouse was pretty cool. I'm still don't like the way Bale portrays the bat. The voice is horrible and his soulless Bruce Wayne isn't as emotional or endearing as he should be.  

1. JOKER - Ledger is perfect. His intro in the opening sequence is cool, effective, and classic. The Joker is a criminal genius. He makes you laugh and feel terror for his next move. He is sadistic and represents all the worst and wild elements of Gotham. He is every bit a match for Batman and his dialogue is amazing. "You complete me" is the most genius Joker line ever. He never asked "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" 

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

What did you think?


The principal reason to love dark knight was the majestic performance realized by Heath Ledger. He definitely gain all my admiration. I even think he overcame Jack Nicholson interpreting this character.
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