Good or bad?

Kid Devil is now Red Devil.

Is this good or bad? 

Also, is the new costume an upgrade or downgrade?


Alex said…
Kid Devil turning into Red Devil is the best possible thing that could have happened to the character. I haven't been thrilled with the character lately, i felt like he was a lot more fun during the first One Year Later arcs. The character is a great concept, and hopefully we'll see him mature a bit now. Also, the costume is a lot better than the shirtless gayness he's been sporting,the scraggy jean/capri things he used to wear kinda made him seem lazy and unlike a real hero. Now, he has a real costume. I don't think it looks bad at all.
Nick said…
Like the name change to an extent, the costume though...meh...not much of an improvement to me
Sea_of_Green said…
It looks like if he bends over too far, he could seriously gut himself on that belt!

Just sayin' ...!
The Nerdy Bird said…
I like the name/maturity change I guess but not a fan of the costume. Looks too.....wrestler-y.

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