the Read Pile - 8/6/08

I'm not going to rate them on how much I anticipate them for a while. Also I'm going to throw the moment of weekness up from now on as it's own thing. 

 FINAL CRISIS #3(OF 7) - I love this cover. I wish I loved this comic.

HOUSE OF MYSTERY #4 - This book is interesting and subversive check it out.

IRON MAN VIVA LAS VEGAS #2(OF 4) - It's been way too long since issue one.

TWELVE #7 (OF 12) - This is my favorite of the ww2 heroes in present day maxi-series that are out.

ULTIMATE ORIGINS #3(OF 5) - I don't really get it but i'm still buying it. 

VENOM DARK ORIGIN #1(OF 5) -  With a possible Venom movie on the horizon this book may very well serve as the basis.

JONAH HEX #34 - Meh.

TRINITY #10 - This series is really very good. 

WAR THAT TIME FORGOT #4(OF 12) - I like this series a lot. Every issue has people fighting a different dinosaur which is kind of genius.  This cover is the weakest out of all the ones they've done so far but I still like it. 

DETECTIVE COMICS #847 RIP - I liked last issue with HUSH I hope he doesn't take the bat mantle though.

AVENGERS INVADERS #4(OF 12) - Great cover. alex ross is really busy huh?

FATHOM #1 - No idea who or what this is. picking it up cause it has a cool sounding title.

TOR #4(OF 6) - Haven't been reading this, I'm collecting it to read all six together. 


Dr. Retro said…
In regard to your comments on Final Crisis, The Twelve, and Avengers Invaders, I could not agree more!

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