Saturday Smodcast Share Time: Walt Flanagan Draws pt. 3 World's Finest

This week Walt's going to tell us all about the World's Finest superheroes. Perfect and iconic designs ther very bread and butter of the DC universe.


Superman is the corner stone of the DC universe. He puts the super in everyones super-powers. His trademark spit curl as Walt points out is as important a trademark as the S on his chest. I love Superman his bright colors in some way embody the cosmic strength of his character. I like my Supes in the red undies, the new 52 one piece blue uniform doesn't seem that cool to me. As you can see this altered Chris Reeve, photo.

Next up is the man who puts the Detective in Detective Comics. The Dark Knight Detective, the Batman. Walt draws a strong Batman who feels totally like James Bond brooding in a cape. The long ears are also reminiscent of the Justice League version of the DCAU's Batman.

 Love the Aparo Batman style and I think Walt does a great job emulating it. Over on Fatman on Batman you can see dc superstars Geoff Johns and Grant Morrsion talking about the world's finest heroes.

Walt also darws a Kelley Jones style Batman. Which I can agree with walt is very gothic and spooky, Kelley makes the cape look so billowy that it looks like a destructive force of nature.


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