Trek Talk: Cumberbatch Star Trek Theory

So as you may know, if you follow this blog, I am very excited for the new Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Darkness. I have been working on this blog post for a couple of weeks, and now it may be totally irrelevant due to the latest trailer.:
As you can see they call him a top agent, so he's some sort of ex-Starfleet member. Now I had a different theory as to who he was and here it is, for purely speculative purposes.

 The mystery swirling about the internet is around the character of the film's villain, played by break out star of the BBC's Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch. I have not been particularly interested traditionally in speculating on who he could be. However, with the film not coming out till May the wait is killing me and I must do something to pass the time.

First off. Why?

Why should we care and speculate at who Mr. Cumberbatch will be playing in this film?

Because of the one true Star Trek 2. Star Trek Wrath Of Kahn. The second and arguably the greatest of the original cast's Star Trek films. Wrath Of Khan was special because it not only brought back a villain from the original series but made him the star of the picture. Montalban's performance sells the operatic grandeur of the film. His performance was a sign that plotlines from the show could work on film, and more importantly work well.

So this films villain will live in the shadow of Khan. Khan will be the rubric we hold him to.

There's been alot of people involved confirming that Khan is not the villain. So I doubt Cumberbatch is Khan. However, I do think I know who he may be. Or more specifically what he may be.

I believe that Cumberbatch's character may turn out to be a member of the Q continum.

That's right Q as in from the Next Generation.

If it is the case that he is Q how exciting is it for us Star Trek fans. We've never seen the original cast face a member of the Q. Picard vs Q was basically the main catalyst of TNG starting the show and ending the show. If this is the case it would be like Abrams trek is facing all the best elements of Trek. For a third film we could go into the dilemmas of DS9 and have Kirk and crew deal with the Dominion and the worm hole to the Delta quadrant. Perhaps this new cast will face every major threat of every Star Trek cast the Borg, the Klingons, the Romulans, time paradoxes, Q, the temporal cold war, and the Xindi.  Making the villain a villain from TNG shows that were not just interested in reinterpreting the original series, we're here to reboot Star Trek on the whole, so why not plum the depths of all the best Star Trek story lines for the features.

What do you think?

Ok so this is most likely not the case Cumberbatch will probably be a more James Bondian villain an ex-starfleet officer with a grudge. Hopefully Capt. Kirk can pull himself up from a ledge enough times to best him.


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