Trek Talk: Star Trek Into this Trailer

Woah! I'm really not meaning to write a blog every time they show a new trailer. I just get so excited I can't help but geek out all over them. Watch the trailer.

The trailer kicks off great with a Bruce Greenwood speech. I hope this becomes a corner stone of Abrams Trek. Bruce Greenwood is so talented (Gotta hear him play Batman in Batman:Under the Red Hood) theirs nothing better than hearing him fire up our hero.

Cumberbatch follows Greenwood saying "I believe in you" with his thick rich voice saying "Darkness IS Coming." The sexual innuendo as a glass explodes form what I'm assuming is a phaser blast.

Then Kirk says "This could be the Beginning"
and then I think Robocop says "Beginning of what?"
Then Kirk says "All out war" SCHWING

We don't have to wait for Abrams Star Wars they've begun right here. OH YEAH!

The city starts exploding.

Kirk asks for permission to go after Cumberbatch.
Spocks and McCoy are like really is this a good idea.
But Kirk's like "Let's go get this son of a bitch." SHWING!

Then Cumbercatch says "You are a pawn Kirk" TOUCHE

Then another spaceship is approaching the Enterprise and everyone has a holy shit face.

So Cumberbatch has his own ship and it looks a whole lot bigger than our Enterprise, and it looks like a badass black Federation ship.

Then Cumberbatch "Says now shall we begin" still flashing his massive ship.

Kirk is scared and apologizes to his crew for getting them into deep. WUH!

Then explosions.
Dudes jumping out of space ships with guns.
Four Kilingons in helmets.

Ulhura says "we're outnumbered and out gunned"

Kirk tells Spock "I only know what I can do"

Then Kirk is flying through space.
Spock is in a foot chase with Cumberbatch.

Scotty says "The ships dead sir. She's gone."
The crew is glassy eyed.
Kirk's running through the Enterprise hallways on the walls.

Kirk says " No she's not." SCHWING

More Trek Action.

Cumberbatch says " No ship should go down with out it's Captain."

A scream.

Then back to a shot of Kirk looking epic, and Greenwood in voice over " I believe in you Jim."

Yes we do.

Let's go Kirk.


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