So this is a new section, I'm starting devoted to exciting news, reviews, and trailers for horror films. I loved Sinister it was an effective engaging horror film, with plenty of style and substance.The Purge is another Ethan Hawke driven horror film, produced by Jason Blum who also produced Sinister.  Jason Blum is the type of producer who can sell me on a movie if the concept is enticing. His most important credit is arguably producing the Paranormal Activity movies, which I'm not a fan of. However, I loved The Bay which he had a hand in, and I'd consider Sinister one of the best horror movies of this decade so far. Insidious is another homerun on his batting average, which is anchored by a high concept and amazing acting. The Trailer for this new film, shows some interesting concepts at work. In a more crime free future, there is one night a year with out law where people kill with out repercussion. The film has a Funny Games/The Strangers sort of vibe with home invasion appearing to be at the core of the film. I love movies like Escape from New York that depict alternate futures and dystopian solutions to real world problems.

The creepy masks worn by the killers has a Reagan's America squeaky clean sort of vibe, which is always a fun bit of irony for some murderers. I love the look of the movie's future feeling like the present and yet not. Also, Ethan Hawke is a world class actor and based on his performance in Sinister, he has a high bar to reach for horror fans.There are lots of political messages about class struggles, and the nature of crime which I'm looking forward to seeing how this movie handles. 


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