SCARY PARTS: The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie's latest feature film The Lords of Salem seems to be his foray into the world of witchcraft and Satan worship. This film is being produced by the man who became the subject of my last Scary Parts Jason Blum. Here's a bunch of trailers, my favorite being #2.

The wall paper in the trailer has a Kubrick-ian vibe and is reminiscent of the Shining to me on first glance. This film seems like a 70's movie made with modern actors. Zombie has a love for the 70's setting House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, and Halloween part 1& 2 in that time period. It's a great period to set a horror movie in cause theirs a good mix of having technology and pop culture to draw from, with out having to worry about cutting off your main character's cell phone signals. Zombie has a bevy of arresting visuals in this trailer like a neon red cross, a spooky hallway, satanic texts, big guys in scary masks, a person trapped in some sort of personal cage, face paint, and witches calling forth Satan. This movie has the same basic face paint that Otis wore in House of 1000 Corpses and I wonder if this film will explain the mythology around it.

I greatly enjoy Zombie's movies, the Devil's Rejects being my favorite among them, as he doesn't play it for horror as much as he plays it like a 70's indie road trip movie that just so happens to be a about serial killers. His Halloween films are entertaining and don't disrespect John Carpenter's classic like some other remakes do. Let's hope this flick is among Zombie's better, and if the buzz is good on it I'll definitely catch it in theaters if I can. 


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