the read pile - 5/29/08

Final Crisis is here!!! And due to memorial day doesn't come out till Thursday.

#1 FINAL CRISIS #1(OF 7) - I am so hyped for this it's not even funny. Every bit of advertisement and previews have been perfect.

#2 BLUE BEETLE #27 - Jaime and Traci sitting in tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

#3 GREEN LANTERN #31 - Everyone should be reading this.

#4 NEW AVENGERS #41 - I like what happened last week in Mighty Avengers talking about the Sentry. Hopefully we'll see some New Avengers and not just more stupid skrulls.

#5 TEEN TITANS #59 - This arch isn't bad but it feels like it's moving so slowly.

#6 SHADOWPACT #25 - Usually Shadowpact covers suck. This one however is the best the book has ever produced. Why is Blue Devil there? He lost his powers? I think I'm the only blogger that reads this book.

#7 IMMORTAL IRON FIST #15 - Let's get to know an old school Iron fist. I want to see a cowboy Iron Fist. I wish marvel would take requests.

#8 BATMAN #677 R.I.P. - I liked the first issue even though it left me confused.

#9 MARVEL 1985 #1 (OF 6) - This looks like it might be totally horrible, but the cover is pretty sweet.

#10 HUNTRESS YEAR ONE #2(OF 6) - The first issue totally knocked me on my ass how good it was. I like the religious angle hopefully they can keep it up.

#11 WOLVERINE FIRST CLASS #3 - This book is solid.

#12 STAR TREK YEAR FOUR ENTERPRISE EXPERIMENT #2 - When will I have trek on Tv again?

#13 MS. MARVEL #27 - I like this tie-in but Ms. Marvel as a character seems so totally bland.

#14 SECRET HISTORY THE AUTHORITY JACK HAWKSMOOR #3(OF6) - This is okay but i forgot what happened last issue.

#15 ACTION COMICS #865 - Toyman + battle royale = I'm there.

#16 X-MEN LEGACY #212 - Why is this book called legacy?

#17 JSA CLASSIFIED #38 - I don't want to read another Wildcat story. Can i get a Cyclone story, or lightning, or any of the 20 other JSAers stories.


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Alex said…
Thanks for the introduction. Can't wait for the Crisis. Check me out later this week, I have a post in the works in anticipation.

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