Top Ten Superhero Flicks

Over at Comics Fairplay a challenge has been issued to commit your top ten best super hero movies. I'm pretty sure I might have to revise this list at the end of the summer but here goes.

10. The Crow - I never have read the comic so I don't know how good of an adaptation it is but I love this flick. I listened to the soundtrack non-stop when it came out. The story is perfect and the morals and actions in the film always made an impression on me. Best scene in the movie is the first revenge scene with the pawn shop order. Lee was a pretty darn good actor I regret he didn't have a chance to make more films.

9. Daredevil - Affleck was the bomb in phantoms yo. He's alss pretty good in this. The casting except for Elektra and Kingpin is perfect. I don't have beef with the black Kingpin I like their logic in going with Michael Clark Duncan as the best big man out there, but whatever I like my Kingpin to be a little bit of a tycoon and less of a hood. The story is solid and the imagery works. The cameos by writers and artists that worked on Daredevil is cool and fun.

8. Blade 2 - Del Toro is a god in my eyes. He has done the best entry in the Blade series. His Blade was moody and added to the Blade mythos in a big way for me. The fight scenes were the best they've been and the villains are hard to look at which is impressive. I loved the vampire gang with Perlman.

7. Spiderman 2 - The only Spidey flick I've liked. It felt like it was a real family film that was friendly to all audiences with a story that resonates. Molina is brillaint as Doc Ock, he is both tragic and frightening. The special effects work, and the cinematography is iconic.

6. The Punisher - Thomas Jane is a great actor. I like the way he was translated and the way the movie is treated like an action movie. I love the cinematography in this flick it has a very wild west style which i dig. Also the various villains that try to kill him were awesome especially the guitar guy I forget his name.

5. Iron Man - See this .

4. Batman Forever - I will defend this pick. I love Jim Carey in this movie, he is crazy and it works for me. Two-Face is also cool although campy and I like the way his origin is not dealt with on screen. I love the scene with the glow in the dark skull gang fighting Robin. Kilmer isn't bad as bats although he should have died his hair black. Oh yeah, and i get a kiss from a rose on the grave, biznitch.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - I've never read a turtles comic in my life. As far back as I can remember this was my favorite movie and almost every toy I owned was tmnt themed. It also has the best ten minute of opening in any movie. That really perfectly sets tone, mystery, and the various character dynamics.

2. Batman Begins - This movie is perfect. Chris Nolan is the best dramatist of our time. The cast is superb ev en if batman sounds like a shitty Clint Eastwood instead of Kevin Conroy.

1. Hellboy - I'm a Del Toro fan boy this movie is beautiful, fun, touching, romantic, dramatic, epic, funny, and everything a movie should be. This is on my top 10 favorite movies of all time list.

What's your top 10?


Alex said…

Affleck WAS the bomb in Phantoms.
Ryan said…
I have to agree. I liked Punisher (I'll be going to see the new one when it comes out), and Daredevil wasn't nearly as bad as people made it out to be.

Not to say that it was really good, but I'm a huge DD fanboy, so I don't think I'd be 100% pleased with anything they could have done.
Swinebread said…
One man...

Ah at leat you picked Hell boy and spider-man 2

and the Black Kingpin was the best thing about Dare Devil...
Siskoid said…
Like you, I think Daredevil and Punisher are under-rated. (Other bad raps but not in my top 10: Elektra and Hulk.) Unlike you, I can't get behind Batman Forever. But my own Top 10? Off the top of my head, I would say:

9-Mystery Men
4-Spider-Man 2
3-V for Vendetta
2-Iron Man
1-Batman Begins
Stephen said…
oh crap i forgot about v for vendetta gonna have to rethink this lis. dam you siskoid
Siskoid said…
My list gets even more varied if you're talking about comic book movies rather than just superheroes.

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