Comic Book Snacking

Kieth of Comic Book Day wants to know what you snack on when you eat comics? He prefers M&M's while reading his comics.  

I wonder if perhaps the way there are certain wines that go with certain meals. If perhaps a particular brand of junk food goes best with Comics. 

Back in the day when I started reading comics, I was addicted to frozen coke slurpees. I would pick one up after I hit up the comic shop from the seven eleven about six blocks away. I'd sip my frozen coke slurpee and read two or 3 comics before i was finished. Being that I live in Miami the frozen nature of the drink helped cool me off and didn't make to much mess on my hands for comics.  However, as soon as I'd get to the bottom and the slurping sounds seemed to become thunderous it was pretty annoying and definitely distracted me from whatever story I was reading.  I might have to get back into that though with the advent of the Iron man cup and straw.

Nowadays, having grown out of my slurpee phase. I usually eat popcorn chicken from KFC. This goes particularly well with Blue Beetle, or Booster Gold. For some reason anything JLI makes me hungry for KFC. 

What do you snack on when you read comics? 


Swinebread said…
Wow, I never eat when I'm reading comics...

I guess I didn't want to get them messed up.

I never thought about this before
Ryan said…
4 words: Black Forest Gummy Bears
Gordon D said…
Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, aka "The Devil's Snack Cakes".

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